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a string by mark ahomet

Like the music part as well as the rather sparse production. The voice is good, too. The weakest parts are the lyrics. They are inaccessable to say the least, though intriquing as well. I just wasn't sure what you intended to say. That said, there are many successful songs w/ lyrics that are rather "out there" to say the least... Bon Iver comes to mind...
Comment Written by HowlinUsual on 19-Jul-2012
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Walking on Eggshells by SueClayton

Quite a polished, professional, let alone enjoyable song. I can't say that its very original in nature as far as country songs themes are concerned, but then again a lot of people will gravitate to it because it is a "common" sound and song structure.
Lyrically, I really like the refrain. Clever and truthful, the chorus will reel in a lot of fans because they "Know the feeling". The only lyrics that I think could be better would be the reference to Mary and Elizabeth (pretty obscure without knowing British history) and "on the finest of paper" (knowing the kind of strong lyrics you are capable of, I think you dould do better than describing the paper. I love the "Walkin' on eggshells - It's something I don't do well" line - perfect!
Comment Written by HowlinUsual on 19-Jul-2012

A little avante-garde funk by Johnny Gora

Enjoyed this tune a lot. Good driving beat with nice surf guitar lead and a funky rhythm guitar. Could definitely hear this as a soundtrack on a movie like "Pulp Fiction". I'd like to hear this extended with a chorus, if possible.
Comment Written by HowlinUsual on 19-Jul-2012

Finally weekend by matte

I enjoyed this song a lot. Particularly the rhythm and the rather 80's reflective synth voices. I feel it has enough good understructure to be able to add some nice vocals over it, or at least a refrain-type of chorus that repeats from time to time. really nice beginning!
Comment Written by HowlinUsual on 19-Jul-2012

Ode To Home State by Euphoric Maiden

I think you have a really nice voice and that this is a pretty good song, with some interesting guitar playing. That said, I say "think" because I'm having a hard time hearing it clearly, which would be my main criticism. If you could get a better production value, I would be able to give more constructive feedback. Maybe you can find a friend or studio that can help you out!
Comment Written by HowlinUsual on 16-May-2012

Broken sounds by vanirof

Interesting! Though the recording quality leaves something to be desired, I was intrigued by your notes and almost atonal approach. As a John Gage fan, I understand and appreciate your quest, though most folks probably will not. Keep going and see if you can mic your piano a little better. I'm looking forward to hearing more.
Comment Written by HowlinUsual on 16-May-2012

Early Morning Blues by tynesider

Wonderful! All retirees should be so talented! Can't wait to retire...I'm 60 and am crawling to the finish line! Anyway, this is terrific. Enjoy the clean production (harmonica!), tune & lyrics. Easy listening, indeed.
Comment Written by HowlinUsual on 16-May-2012

Walking in the light by PaludalMelodyFactory

After listening to this song as well as another one of yours, I keep imagining a TV show opening up with your music! It's got a certain simplicity and clarity of production which easily showcases the rather catchy tune.
Comment Written by HowlinUsual on 16-May-2012

Trick It by The Sparrow Blue

Sparrow Blue: nice pleasant guitar playing! I like the sharp steely guitar sound... it's a swirling. liquid funk machine! Of course, it's not a typical "pop" song or anything, but I find it most enjoyable. I imagine it's great with headphones. You might concider putting a musical theme somewhere in there that kind of weaves in and out of the guitar "noodlings" that would help "ground" the song after you riff for a while. All in all, though, I enjoyed this.
Comment Written by HowlinUsual on 03-May-2012

Iron Child by datka98

Very nicely put together. Like the dynamic switches you make throughout as well as the metalic horror tones! This should be a soundtrack for a movie... like Hunger Games!
Comment Written by HowlinUsual on 06-Apr-2012

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