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Together by Tanis York

Hi Tanis :)

Bravo for the multiple talents you showed here. I love the melody - the lyrics are OK but seemed to me that I'd heard them before (or their kissin' cousins). Still, don't take that as a criticism - it's the whole package that deserves praise.

That's why we're here - to better our skills and develop our talents. You, sir, have the talent.

All the best,

Comment Written by HuntersMoon on 04-Apr-2012

Thirty by Eon Mallett

Actually, I didn't notice the looping which, I suspect, is a good thing :)

As a listener, I really enjoyed this. It had a nice flow and the melody was clear. I could see this a sound track or as a song. It called to mind images of searching for something/someone.

Nicely done ... I admire your talent.

Comment Written by HuntersMoon on 04-Apr-2012

Eternity by Lady moosS

Good morning, Lady Bridgette :)

I really like the uptempo beat of this - and while electronica isn't my first choice - this was excellent.

I really enjoyed listening to this - it got my morning going (LOL). I'll drop by and see what else you've created. I admire your creativity.

Wishing you all the best ...

Comment Written by HuntersMoon on 04-Apr-2012

Drive Me To Drink by rondo2012

A fun song, well structured and easy to listen to. I think you did really well in both the lyric and in coming up a snappy and foot tapping tune.

Really great job ..

Comment Written by HuntersMoon on 24-Mar-2012

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