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The Red Fluid - The Sea Kingdom by Haris Secerovic have an amazing gift for capturing elements in their almost complete entirety; this piece is, once again, very aptly titled. It flows perfectly into the transition, and the grandeur AND simplicity of your strings are very haunting. Frankly, this inspired feelings in me that will stay long afterward, and that, my friend, is an astonishing gift. Compelling and beautiful piece. I love it. I'll have to share this with Christine... it sounds like something she'll adore. Nice work. I'd rate six, but since I already have, it won't let me.
Comment Written by ThePhantom on 05-Mar-2013

The Red Fluid - Dead Can Dance by Haris Secerovic

This is another compelling piece... almost a mechanical, orchestrally industrial sound, if you can grasp it. Legions, rising. This has such a fantastic mix of elements, it pulls you in like a vacuum. And, the climax is ominous: what's happening right then? What happens NEXT?
Comment Written by ThePhantom on 02-Mar-2013

Along The Way by freezerbeef

As always, your lyrics are just... perfect. Like a perfect symbiosis with the music and the rhythm both. Tuning my ear, I can pick out all the little, separate instrumentals that went into making this piece a whole... which means, among other things, that DAMN, your mix is fantastic. More mental cinema, and even ill I can appreciate it.

Nice, nice work.
Comment Written by ThePhantom on 02-Mar-2013

Tidalwave by Jefe

Excellent. Really excellent. Your melody is varied enough that it doesn't just lull the listener into a kind of repetitive stupor; it's more like flowing into a dream, some sort of easy reverie. This is excellently performed, and excellently mixed. Great work.
Comment Written by ThePhantom on 01-Mar-2013

Send Me Back Home by Gabriowl

The lyrics by themselves are almost worth the rating. This is a strong piece, with a lot of old-school sound to the vocals(almost a Johnny Cash type sound.) Very poignant. Nicely done.
Comment Written by ThePhantom on 01-Mar-2013
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Happy You Were Born by LifeLESerious

Congratulations on your first try! The lyrics to this piece are very, very strong. Your voice is a little overpowering in spots, which unfortunately allows the places where it may or may not entirely carry the melody to come through more clearly than you'd want. For mixes done just with Audacity(I use it myself) it's a damn good piece of work. I love the sentiment in this one, and I love your playing. Tighten it up a bit, and you'll have a real winner.
Comment Written by ThePhantom on 01-Mar-2013

Glory Of His Name by JoeWamsley

This is an excellent piece of work. Again, not a genre I normally listen to, but if I can say that I think the work is fantastic even in spite of that, I think you've done quite an extraordinary job! My concrit: I think your vocals are a liiiitle too highly mixed in places; they overpower your strong instrumentals. Maybe lower your voice in a few places... but that's technical. You have an old-school Tom Petty sort of sound going on here... bring up the music, and you'll have a perfect package.
Comment Written by ThePhantom on 01-Mar-2013

Humpty Dumpty by papichulo

This has a lot of old-school appeal! This isn't my usual genre, but I think your approach is classic here. I really like the overall sound; I think your mix is a little glassy in spots, the volume changes up from one segment to another, and sometimes your vocals stand out a little too far on their own... that may be just a mixing issue. But overall, I think your lyrics are strong and this is a really solid piece of work.
Comment Written by ThePhantom on 27-Feb-2013

So Many Ripples by Gabriowl

This is an excellent song; boy, it has the old-school sound to it. I love the lyrics, and I think that everything from the recording to the mix is absolutely professional and fantastic. I love it.
Comment Written by ThePhantom on 27-Feb-2013
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

pockets on full-blake da burner by bburner

I always enjoy it when I can rate a song in a genre I would normally not necessarily seek out; I like it even better when I can say: well done! Your rhythm is strong, and the backing instrumentals give it a very dark, edgy sound. I think your vocals are a little too high; I'm getting high-end buzz in my speakers, which makes it a little difficult to make out some of the lyrics in places... but that's a minor issue, comparatively. I really love the backup sounds on this track. Nice job.
Comment Written by ThePhantom on 26-Feb-2013

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