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Three Little Words by tynesider

wow, another great song. You have a gift. powerful vocals and great lyrics make for yet another gem. You have given me inspiration to go back and look at my own music and try to give new life to it. very well done. thanks again
Comment Written by rondo2012 on 19-Apr-2012

That Ain't Love by chrismullen

Beautiful song, The lyrics and message is clear and concise. I like the melody a lot and the vocals are well done. The simple drum beat and tambourine hits go well with the acoustic guitar. This goes to show that you don't need a lot of technology to have a great song , just great lyrics and a heartfelt message. It always amazes me how the chords and notes from an instrument and real life lyrics can invoke such genuine emotion. Behold the power of music . Thanks for sharing Chris.
Comment Written by rondo2012 on 19-Apr-2012
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Grains of Sand by tynesider
Chapter 3 of the book SAD REFLECTIONS

Excellent song. Recording and mixing are stellar. I wish my stuff sounded half as good. The female vocals are spot on. The whole composition is really well done. I don't think I have any more adjectives left in my vocab, so thank you for sharing your beautiful song
Comment Written by rondo2012 on 15-Apr-2012

Frustration by harderj74

good song. I love the rawness of it and the the lyrics are cool. The lead guitarist is really good and this is just a really fun song to listen to. good job
Comment Written by rondo2012 on 15-Apr-2012

Question Of Soul by harderj74

nice lyrics with a heartfelt message. The guitar and vocals sound really good. The distant reverb on the vocal adds a haunting feel to the song giving it some real emotion. thanks for sharing your music.
Comment Written by rondo2012 on 15-Apr-2012

Downtown by ToneKuiper

very well done, I love the use of the multiple voices with different effects, it gives your songs a real dynamic and separates you from any other artists i've heard. I would like to hear a bridge, breakdown or solo somewhere in the middle to change it up a bit as it was rather long. That's just my opinion. well done and thanks for sharing your unique and imaginative style. L8R Tone
Comment Written by rondo2012 on 13-Apr-2012

Through a wormhole by trevriffic

really good, this has a lot of layers to it. very imaginative piece. drums and bass sound awesome as well.riffs are well place but, not overused. another well done instrumental. Thanks for sharing TREV
Comment Written by rondo2012 on 12-Apr-2012

Still Singing, Somehow by Rob Rideout

very nice, A sweet melody with honest and heartfelt lyrics. Your still singing and breathing and making pretty good music as well. I think a slide guitar or fiddle solo would accompany this nicely. good song, Captain
Comment Written by rondo2012 on 11-Apr-2012

A New Day by 35 Seconds Remain

excellent song, very professionally done, love the drums and bass. vocals are nice and clear and stand out well in the mix. I like the fact that the guitar solo was near the end of the song it fit in well very well done. thanks for sharing.
Comment Written by rondo2012 on 11-Apr-2012

Intercessor by kamacosmic

nicely done, love the reggae beat and those vocals are on point. I like the way you panned the vocals to get that true hi-fi flavor. excellent mixing of the vocals as well. sounds really good. thanks for sharing. A nice bridge would put this over the top.
Comment Written by rondo2012 on 10-Apr-2012

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