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Under Starry Skies by Seagull

It is a good cinematic piece. It would fit movies like ‚??Road to Perdition‚??. Piano was good but not very good. Thanks for sharing. :)
Comment Written by pmalman on 22-Feb-2013
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Could You Love Me Again by kirstencollinsmusic

Very impressive! I like it very much. Voice is perfect for this song. Everything was done interesting and professionally. It would be nice to see lyrics. Best wishes :)
Comment Written by pmalman on 20-Feb-2013

My Insanity by rossellemontemayor

Wow! You are so great. Are you a professional? You might be... Keep it up; Hands down and thumbs up for you dude! ... Thank you for sending everyone the same review but I would be more interested to hear your real opinion. I like your voice and I think it may have a potential. :)
Comment Written by pmalman on 20-Feb-2013

Nothing will be changed (instru) by Fgo70

This sounds like a little sad mood and some disappointment because you think that nothing will be changed. I think that if you really want it to be changed it may change. Thanks for sharing. Mr. ABC.
Comment Written by pmalman on 11-Jan-2013

I Forgot How To Forget About You by Rob Rideout

You have many great songs but sometimes voice wasn't so good or recording needs improvement but this time everything was very good! I like your lyrics, guitar is playing clean and all sounds very good! As some people would say - Shine on! You should definetly use it as template for your future songs and keep doing!
Comment Written by pmalman on 11-Dec-2012

Charming Flowers by Fgo70

Very interested and creative work! I didn't do any kitchen work while listening this piece of music as Kerry did but I really like it any way. It gives you a good mood! Thanks for sharing.
Comment Written by pmalman on 26-Nov-2012

Since Ever by Milla Kara

I like this piece of music the most from your portfolio and I think Since Ever was the best in classical contest. Thanks for sharing!
Comment Written by pmalman on 18-Nov-2012

Premonition of the Civil War by datka98

I think that generally speaking Dali is quite complicated artist and it is very difficult to understand his pictures. I like your instrumental piece but I think that Dali‚??s picture is more dramatic than background music. I will try to do my version because it is easier for me to explain that way. Best regards! :)
Comment Written by pmalman on 17-Nov-2012

Picking Flower by datka98

I think that instrumental part of this song would be a perfect background for a video game. I would suggest you to pay attention on this direction because you definitely have very good skills and material for this. Good luck!
Comment Written by pmalman on 09-Nov-2012

Past Lives Regression by JonCSebastian

It is a very complicated and incredible piece of music and I doubt that every listener here would be able to understand it. Ideas behind this music reminds me some of my music and for me it was very interesting to hear the way how another artist would implement it. Thanks a lot for sharing!
Comment Written by pmalman on 08-Nov-2012

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