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Latency test redo by Johnny Gora

This is really great! I love the guitar tones and literally have nothing bad to say about the progression of the song. The drums are particularly brilliant and it's so hard to record drums! It has quite a live or retro feel to it. Is this intended? If it is then great but if not it could do with some guitar compression, reverb and eq in the bass. Still giving it five stars though!
Comment Written by gregryan on 06-Apr-2012

swallow by folkon

There isn't much wrong with this track. The vocals are sensational if I'm honest! The melodies are some of the best I've heard and your voice compliment them so well. I have one very simple comment and that is that the guitar is way too quiet and seems to not be as well produced as the vocals. These seems odd as vocals are usually harder to get right! If the guitar was sorted this would easily be six stars!
Comment Written by gregryan on 05-Apr-2012

Early morning by matte

I like this. The mixing is great and the panning works really well with headphones making it a very enjoyable track to listen to. Love the percussion effects and the lead instruments. You have a great style. I had a few problems with the structure of the song. I think the drop half way through would have been more effective if directly followed by a build. So the track climaxes and then suddenly drops. These are just minor points though. On the whole I really enjoyed this one!
Comment Written by gregryan on 05-Apr-2012

Again by 35 Seconds Remain

This is a great track. The into is really tight and really well mixed and the guitar has a fantastic tone to it. How did you record the guitar? It really worked. Your vocals were really unusual (in a good way!) it really made the track stand out. The drums were perfect in the mix until it got to the chorus where the cymbal/highhat kicked in when it became a little too prominent and a little too tinny. If you recorded your drums on multitrack then might be worth taking them down and working on the bass eq of the high hat. The instrumental at the end I think needs to go up a bit In terms of instrumentation . Listening too it I think that the bass needs to come up a bit to give it a bit more depth. I know ive made a lot of comments but please don't think that means I don't like the track! It's genuinely an amazing track, I just wanted my review to be useful :) look forward to hearing more from you, you are a brilliant musician and producer!
Comment Written by gregryan on 05-Apr-2012

EcoBeat by HowlinUsual

There is a nice feel to this song. I love the creative percussion and bold melodies seeping from the backing track! I can definitely see this as background music - the length and repetitive nature definitely lends itself brillaintly to a backing track but if it were to be a standalone track it would need a more discernable lead instrument coming out from the mix - amazing track though!
Comment Written by gregryan on 04-Apr-2012

Prayer by Joutsen

This is a seriously intriguing track! (in a very good way!). the way that the opening solo instrument starts by sounding like a standard violin/stringed equivalent and quickly changes to unfamiliar territory. I LOVE the punctuation of the sweet strings around the lead - its just beautiful. This piece seems to be quite a well structured work with each section linking seamlessly. To comment on improvements would seem silly as it would mean picking apart something so well crafted. I have listened to the track several times now and can't think of anything major to improv anyway so a huge 5 stars it is! genuinely looking forward to hearing more!
Comment Written by gregryan on 03-Apr-2012

Rythms by matte

I like the sounds of the beats in this track. i would have liked to see more of a build in the intro - seemed to go from very minimalist to a whole melody line very quickly with no transition. The sounds and ideas are great though so work on your flow and this could be a great track! The ending is quite interesting - is it meant to end so abruptly, I found myself going back to the end to check something hadn't gone wrong with my computer! perhaps that was your intention! You are clearly very creative and a lot has work here, just needs a bit of refining! Hope you dont mind the tips! :)
Comment Written by gregryan on 03-Apr-2012

Eternity by Lady moosS

Those sounds in the intro which then become the backing track/bass are amazing - love them! You are always so wonderfully creative with your sounds. Not only do you use good samples and sounds you manage to make each track different - I think thats hard whatever genre but I think its especially hard when writing in your style so I have to congratulate you there! Have listened to it 5 times now to think of ways to improve and i just cant! I might suggest a few extra chord changes on the main trance synth that comes in - seems to stay on the same note for slightly too long but that is such a seriously minor correction I cant seriously find it my heart to deduct a whole star just for something so subjective so I'm going to be frivolous and award a five star for a near perfect track :)
Comment Written by gregryan on 03-Apr-2012

baby steps by YOUNGWISE

Your vocals need to be louder, its a shame because your rhythm is perfect and the way you have compiled the track is good but I just cant hear the lyrics at the moment - sounds quite muffled. What did you use to record vocals? The the drums and the varied beats - I think a lot of people neglect drums but you've done quite well here. The vocals need to seriously come up on it though especially seen as its a rap and therefore lyrics are so important. Hope to hear more from you soon!
Comment Written by gregryan on 03-Apr-2012

And The Candles Dance by DesertDesperado

After reading the description of why/how this song was written, I feel quite humbled in reviewing it. I am sorry to hear of the circumstances surrounding the song but do enjoy the song itself. The lyrics are beautiful but its interesting that the song itself is slightly more upbeat than I would expect when reading the lyrics without the music. Nice jazzy feel to the backing track - the guitar at the beginning could do with a decent reverb to sit it nicely in the mix but on the whole a really excellent song!
Comment Written by gregryan on 03-Apr-2012
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

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