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Thirty by Eon Mallett

You mention a piano in your description but the instrument played on the track seems quite ambiguous. if it is a piano/keyboard then it could do with a more legato feel and a smoother release if you have the capabilities to alter such things. The thing about this track tough is that when you look past the recording, it is actually a beautifully written song. I can imagine this played on an acoustic piano and sounding amazing! Sorry if thats not what you are going for - maybe its because I'm a pianist myself! The track is a nice length and I really liked the added sound effects, gave a nice new dimension and gave the song a much more cinematic feel! With some fiddling with recording and instrument settings this could be a real winner of a track!
Comment Written by gregryan on 11-Apr-2012

Skyward by trevriffic

This is so good! The guitar is just so spot on and such a complex mix for an introduction. The vocals are really nice and you havent stuck to conventional rhythms and the leading style of the guitar means you arent held to generic and stale sounding chord progressions which is just awesome! Its almost as if in this track that the guitar is as much of a lead as the vocal and they are competing but I think you have enough skill to pul that off and it really works. The one thing I would say is that the acoustic guitar that comes in in the intro plucking on the higher frets seems to be a bit of a weak point. It felt like it wasn't as confident as the other guitar and could have done with a harsher picking and just a more confident playing style to integrate it more into the track. Really nice track though and so close to perfection!
Comment Written by gregryan on 11-Apr-2012
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

tribute to my mom claudette by polodonred

Great original intro - really unique way to start! When the song properly kicks in it really doesnt disappoint. The lyrics are great and your rhythm is really good. The vocals are quite heavy on the treble eqs so might be worth either messing with the bass eqs or layering the vocals with harmonies or more thick backing vocals to really pad them out and give a more rounded sound. Liked the synth sounds - gave a good feel to the song. It felt like the kind of track I'd hear on a video game - something like GTA - not sure whether thats a compliment or not! Look forward to hearing more!
Comment Written by gregryan on 11-Apr-2012

fetal by folkon

This was a fairly enjoyable backing track and a truly bizzarre vocal performance;. trying to get my head round your intentions as it seemed well thought out but also very 'rocky horror' if you dont mind me saying! The lyrics were great and certainly fitted with the vibe of the song. I would have liked to see a more abrupt intro to the song, those vocal ohs seemed to detract from the impact of the voice when it properly came in but that might just be me. Would really be very interested to hear what you were aiming for with this track - always good to see the more creative side of music!
Comment Written by gregryan on 10-Apr-2012

I'm Just Bad by John Carter

Really cool beat that holds this track up. The moment your vocals come everything else just melts into the background as they were so good! It was hard to focus on the backing track at all to see if anything needed improvement! How was the piano recorded? it seems quite raw with a potential flanger effect but that could just be distortion due to live recording. Would be interesting to know! Your vocals are incredible though, so smooth yet so raw and full of emotion with traces of bowie, weller and clapton (hope none of those are too offensive!) can't thin of much else to say here to be honest! The lyrics were some of the best I've seen so far on this site. Got to be a five stars!
Comment Written by gregryan on 10-Apr-2012

A New Day by 35 Seconds Remain

This is a lovely track. The chord progressions keep me interested throughout and your voice has a really lovely tone to it. Two quick things for improvement: The backing track seems quite bass heavy, might suggest either lowering the bass levels or messing with your eq in the treble ends. The guitar solo is epicly incredible and the bass issues dont seem as much of a problem there so it leads me to believe its something to do with the interaction with the vocals. The vocals definitely need some good reverb added - they are too dry at the moment but maybe also look into the relationship between the vocals and the backing track. The ending is amazing and despite all these comments, I was so incredibly close to giving it a five stars! I am favouriting you guys for sure! P.s. will review your track Again...again tomorrow!
Comment Written by gregryan on 10-Apr-2012

Intercessor by kamacosmic

I could have sworn I have already reviewed this track but here goes again. Oh dear, its a good day for good music but a bad day for advice as there is literally nothing I can say to improve this song! This is one of those few tracks I specifically come to this site to listen to over and over again. Don't really need to say much more than that! the beat is amazing and gives such a unique feel to it, the tune is catchy as anything and the vocals are top quality. Sorry I can't be more helpful for improvement but what an amazing talent you have!
Comment Written by gregryan on 10-Apr-2012

Attack of the wasp by trevriffic

Nice tone as usual - you sure know how to play guitar - thats kind of a given by this stage after listening to so many of your tracks! The headphones I was listening on picked up on a bit of noise at the very beginning of the track as if a previous track was finishing? Might want to sort that :) The melodies are tight and the backing/rhythm guitar is well done. I think the sleigh bell effect in the percussion might get a bit tired and could do with being dropped out in the quieter section so it can come in fresh again. The mixing on the bass seems to drop it in and out of prominence to more of a degree than seems necessary. It's obviously because the bass track is more creative than your average track which is obviously a really good thing but might be worth looking at some manual automation on the individual sections of the bass track. Overall, this is another great track - seriously respectable guitar skills as always, just keep them coming and I'll definitely keep listening!
Comment Written by gregryan on 10-Apr-2012

certified by polodonred

Really nice production on this one! The lyrics are intensely delivered and the layering is just mad. There is so much going on in this track but not too much going on. I really cant think of anything wrong with it. Would kind of like you to post the lyrics up on here if that isn't against the kind of thing you are going for? Seriously there is too much about this track I like to list: the screams and backing vocals/harmonies, the breaks and drops are spot on and the structure is as tight as I've ever heard. This is deserving of my first six star rating. Hugely deserved - not even a fan of this style of music but this is just awesome! Nice one :)
Comment Written by gregryan on 10-Apr-2012

Worst At First by HowlinUsual

This is going to be quite a short review as its such a great track on the whole. The backing track is amazing and creative. Has vibes of 80s music without feeling dated! Amazing. The vocals have a doubling effect which doesn't seem to work as well. I'd have either liked to see some harmonies or just some good eq manipulation to make the solo voice hold up on its own. Great track all in all though!
Comment Written by gregryan on 06-Apr-2012
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

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