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Heather's Requiem by bryan taylor

yeah i like it. it does grab the listener. starting mellow and then adding the excitement in the middle with it mellow out again near the end of the song. yep i have to 2 routes i can go on this tribute for the soul that was killed in that protest. let think on it longer and ill throw the idea at ya before i get ready to start on it.wink. great job overall...mark
Comment Written by mkflood on 04-Sep-2017

manhattan by bryan taylor

dude! i love it!! instead of you writing the flower theme can we use this one for the has the energy that will grab our viewers on that video. i loved it all the way to the end with the fading out. this will really really work. please let me know. wink. great job on the song!(clapping)
Comment Written by mkflood on 05-Jul-2017

She's In Wales by bryan taylor

very cool guitar work. I can vision the illustrations to put with this. oh btw I'm not a an illustrator who make music videos with art to music. would love to have the chance to make a video for your music. to get some example of my work check out my profile page. I have many illustrated music videos as example. let me if your interested..great job on that guitar! KEEP ROCKIN!
Comment Written by mkflood on 22-Nov-2016

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