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Time Will Tell by SueClayton

Hey, this is a great song! The singing really draws out the meaning, the tune is very memorable, is evocative, and goes with the words so well. I'm impressed (again!).
Comment Written by ckbesq on 07-Dec-2012
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Cowboy Town by SueClayton

How did I miss this one? It's the perfect cowboy song both for singing along to and (more importantly!) for dancing! Words most all can relate to or imagine- excellent job on this. AND, you singing goes perfectly with the song.
Comment Written by ckbesq on 03-Dec-2012

The Gr@sshopper Waltz by Kerri Powles

What a pleasure to have found your music. Love this piece- great humor, and I can well imagine hunting grasshoppers listening to this. Totally delightful.
Comment Written by ckbesq on 20-Nov-2012

The Romantic by Kerri Powles

This is lovely and most enjoyable to listen to and a pleasure to review. You not only play extraordinarily well, but write beautifully. A very uplifting score in a peaceful way, portraying strength, solidity and confidence. Write on!
Comment Written by ckbesq on 20-Nov-2012

A Perfect Stranger by SueClayton

I've listened to this several times, and with each time, I appreciate it more! It is very jazzy, has a wonderful beat and tinkling piano in the background, and super harmonies. The words are something I think everyone could relate to, but the song structure is different and perhaps a little confusing for that reason. Seems to be both a chorus and bridge along with verses, and I think the tune on the verses is not as strong as on the chorus and bridge. Still, a most enchanting and lively song, and worthy of a high rating for this style. Bravo.
Comment Written by ckbesq on 14-Nov-2012

Back to the Band by SueClayton

I like it! Such a beautiful, gentle yet moving melody, well suited to the words and feel of this song. Singing complements- all in all, a great tune!
Comment Written by ckbesq on 06-Nov-2012

Riding by SueClayton

Great song! I like the country beat of this, the singing is fine, the words and tune memorable, and the music makes you want to tap your toe! Excellent job on this!!!
Comment Written by ckbesq on 07-Oct-2012
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

2cu by SueClayton

A very mystical and haunting song in lyrics, melody and arrangement. The vocals are great! It's a song that stay in one's mind long after the music stops. Love it.
Comment Written by ckbesq on 22-Sep-2012

Song for Korea by SueClayton

Major credit here for making a most unusual topic into a beautiful tribute and song. I like the two voices on different verses (yours and your husband?)- it really adds an excellent flavor as well as the backup vocals on the chorus. Very well produced and a most enjoyable listen.
Comment Written by ckbesq on 21-Sep-2012

Walking on Eggshells by SueClayton

You've captured that driving country beat perfectly (something I can't seem to do!), and the hook line is terrific. The vocalist in the demo delivers this song as it should be done for this type of music so that was a good choice! Of course, the studio band is great and I really thing your lyrics go perfectly with the intent of this piece- it's a winner!
Comment Written by ckbesq on 02-Sep-2012

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