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Sweet Simplicity by ckbesq

It was very nice listening to that. Your ensemble are very smart and professional. What great talent and seamless integration of sound and mood. I love the understated backing vocal at "caring, sharing". What a great story also of entertaining an angel unawares.
Comment Written by castersupmode on 28-Apr-2012

My Heart Still Waits for You by ckbesq

I like the clear coherent thought in the lyrics and the fine production values in the piece. The musical score is easy with a catchy rhythm, slipping into the mind without tiring it. Another fine composition showcasing your gift for song writing. Excellent.
Comment Written by castersupmode on 21-Feb-2012

You're Wrong by ckbesq

That is clearly the A side of the record. Very fine production value, beautiful harmony in the voices, excellent lyrics full of authentic sentiment. That's a perfect chord hitting right on theme of the song. Not everyone knows how to do that. Love it.
Comment Written by castersupmode on 21-Feb-2012

One In One by ckbesq

Wonderful music. It's just a perfect song, with a beautiful, tuneful melody. The music puts one in mind of "Stones" by Neil Diamond (a perfect model of a song, IMO). That's some nice singing in the harmony too -- a perfect blend with your voice. A nice ensemble you have to record your music with.
Comment Written by castersupmode on 20-Feb-2012

Unspeak the Words by ckbesq

What a wonderful song with a heartfelt sentiment in the lyrics. The musical chords convey the feeling in the poetry of words. It's another fine example of a guitar and voice creating authentic feeling in a classic song of longing for reconciliation. You've a fine talent for song writing and performing.
Comment Written by castersupmode on 20-Feb-2012

The Touch of You by ckbesq

The poetry in the lyrics eloquently applies the salve of pleasant memory upon the wounds of separation. But to my ear, the mood set by the relaxed-tempo tune, stoically delivering the physic, gives only the vaguest hope the ersatz prescription will continue to keep the heart in one piece. And there seems almost an ambiguity as to whether or not this has already occurred.
Comment Written by castersupmode on 17-Feb-2012

Let the Spirit Guide You by ckbesq

Wow, what a fine composition. Most impressive. I like the tune to this well written song. It has a classic Southern, country and Western style. It has thoughtful, meaningful lyrics sung sweetly and with conviction and feeling. It's a lovely, professional performance. I very much like your strong, beautiful singing voice. It was a real pleasure to listen. Very refreshing. I look forward to hearing more music of this quality. This is talented work of a high standard.
Comment Written by castersupmode on 16-Feb-2012

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