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You Won't See Him Grieve by chicky54

I think you are a good lyricist, but the melodic choices you are making are sounding repetitiv. You can try altering tempo in the chorus, writing a bridge section to break things up, or even change ke up, every verse to add some drama. Are you playing and singing simultaneously? You might consider dividing the labor, playing for another singer to show off the song a bit better. An interesting effort.e
Comment Written by tonulak on 17-Feb-2012

King of My Mountain by chicky54

You can hear the classical and Church influences in this song. A unique song, to be sure. Performance wise, the voice dirfted in pitch a lot, but the piano...harpsichord? was very solid. Your style is unique.
Comment Written by tonulak on 17-Feb-2012

Did You Find Your Lost Amore? by chicky54

An interesting song. I couldn't quite classify it, something between a hymn and a Kurt Weil song. It had good imagery in the lyrics, although the melody was a little stiff, and didn't sound very singa ble. I could hear this lyrics as part of a slow blues song or something. Still, I must say, very unique.
Comment Written by tonulak on 15-Feb-2012

Yesterday, Today, & Forever! by 4 I AM

I'm new here and I'm not sure how the protacol for this site will be in terms of how professional-minded reviewers will be.

Your song of praise had some nice lyrics, but the melodic line had some stumbles. You also had some serious pitch problems throughout. Singing acapella is hard to do for a seasoned singer. A guitar or piano friend could help keep you on pitch. this song is nice and has potential.
Comment Written by tonulak on 15-Feb-2012

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