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Eclipse v2 by eddynaim

I thought this was really solid and mixed really well. Musically, I didn't think it broke much new sonic ground, but it worked. nice job.
Comment Written by tonulak on 15-May-2012

Efa Lopez ft Mike(wot about us) by BiggyBeatz

I thought this was pro from start to finish; it had it all going on! The Islands, Latin, Hood andexcellent vocal performances. Great mix, too. Probably the best thing I've heard here this could be a hit as we speak. i wouldn't be surprised.

Comment Written by tonulak on 15-May-2012

If luvin you is wrong by Teri Hopkins

I thought you have a very pleasant voice and good energy. This will easily translate to live performance. Obviously, the two-chord strum on the melody got monotonous and some of your words were forced at times, like you were trying to get them all out. Being a good songwriter, you will learn to write for the voice not the paper, and let those melodies hug the words a little more.

You have potential as a writer and a singer, if you want to be a solo performer, I'd get the guitar chops together.
Comment Written by tonulak on 02-Mar-2012

Just Fooken Around by NeilB

A nice bit of electronica/dance music here. I loved that sound of "boots stomping the floor", it was very infectious. I liked your slow backout at the end. I might have liked a few more unexpected sounds and textures, but I thought it was very well-done and rocked.
Comment Written by tonulak on 02-Mar-2012

Outside of Time by Dazeofgrace

You have a very nice voice; goodpitch and easy to listen to. The song was nice good lyrics but a little droning. Your lead guitar, though well-played stepped on the vocal lines a bit, you might try to seat your voice a bit more in the mix. But, seriously, one of the stronger efforts I've heard here by far. Congrats, you've got talent, girl:)
Comment Written by tonulak on 02-Mar-2012

Lamb of God by r_silke

I thought the accompaniment was decent, if not generic and some good lyrics in the verseses. I tought the "Lamb of God" was over used throught.

Performance wise, It was hard to understand the lyrics at times, the melodic line was out of tempo at tmes and the singer had serious pitch issues throughout. I know that even people who can't sing love to sing and everybody sings in church. But singing is like a boat; it floats or it don't. I felt the soulful emotion here, but it was too out of tune to really enjoy.
Comment Written by tonulak on 22-Feb-2012

A Song For You by Kyleham

Nice melody line and a very professional pop arrangement. Good vocal performance; emotion and doubling harmonies. Excellent finale with all the interweaving vocals and melodic lines. A weakness was the English singing(seemed forced) and the very end singing in the final tag had some shaky notes. Overall, a very solid effort--something to be proud about--Ted
Comment Written by tonulak on 22-Feb-2012

D-J's Beats by Ben_Jackson

I thought this was some pretty slammin' electronica. It had a good groove and had good dynamics with the two breakdowns. The bass line was in a different key, sometimes it worked, sometimes it sounded a bit out. Reall good finale with the explosion. Good stuff.
Comment Written by tonulak on 20-Feb-2012

Mixtape King by HollyWood Cold Music

Que lastima, no hablar Espanol my bueno. I thought you had a lot of power, a lot of roll. You could have stuck the rhythm a little better at times, but it was strong over all. solid.
Comment Written by tonulak on 17-Feb-2012

I'll Be There by chicky54

Again, your strength is lyric writing. I think your efforts would be better served here if you could find a passable singer to accompany. I'd have also slowed this down a bit, as it would give you more time to deliver your lyric. It seems your songs are in a consistent march tempo, and some of the lyric and melody is lost. Keep working and refining and you'll come up with some good stuff.
Comment Written by tonulak on 17-Feb-2012

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