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Reviews from
Sparks Fly

R&B Uptempo

 2 total reviews 
Comment by
Music Rating

First off killer mix and mastering, the eqing is perfect, the bass and drums are tight with great groove, your vocals very good and bring great harmonies together and very cool mixture of instruments and I could go on and on about the production quality, The production is very high quality and done masterfully, the songs overall composition is unique and expresses the mood perfectly, the lyrics are very catches and well written, good luck in your future!

 Comment Written 30-Oct-2017

reply by the artist on 09-Nov-2017
    Thank you for your kind words - however I can't take credit for the mix/mastering - that belongs to my co-collaborator Josiah. I'll pass on your comments to him
    Cheers and thanks again.
Comment by
Jimi Seven
Music Rating

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

Really cool vibe to this song. Has a mix of genre's...sort of a Latin Rock feel to it. The rhythm is really nice.

Your vocals are excellent as always. The instruments are played very well.

The vocals were hard for me to make out in the first half of the song but were much clearer in second half of the song.

Also, about half way through the song the bass level went up, or so it seemed tp me.

But this is one of your best songs of many excellent songs. Nice dance song.

Great work as always!

 Comment Written 28-Oct-2017

reply by the artist on 09-Nov-2017
    Thanks Jimi - a Latin/Rock feel was exactly what we were after -
    we are exited about how this song has turned out... and it's really getting some traction, actually got folk in the industry contacting me instead of the other way around. So fingers crossed let's see where this one takes us.
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