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Reviews from
Heather's Requiem

-but such a loss is this

 4 total reviews 
Comment by
Jimi Seven

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

This song is different from what we hear today. It reminds me of something from the classic era of rock. I am reading Clapton's autobiography again and he tells of when he, and many bands from that time, simply went on stage and jammed for long periods of time.
This reminds me of that. I love the sad quality in your guitar work, the distortion and sustain. It cries out in pain.
I could listen and listen to this over and over again.
This is one of your very best songs. Great performance!

 Comment Written 11-Sep-2017

reply by the artist on 02-Oct-2017
    one passing among us is of far greater value than the mere simple currency of a song-yet I fear it is the mustard in-which rationalizes our humanity
    I thank you for your encouraging support.
Comment by

yeah i like it. it does grab the listener. starting mellow and then adding the excitement in the middle with it mellow out again near the end of the song. yep i have to 2 routes i can go on this tribute for the soul that was killed in that protest. let think on it longer and ill throw the idea at ya before i get ready to start on it.wink. great job overall...mark

 Comment Written 04-Sep-2017

reply by the artist on 15-Oct-2017
    Hey can you put your unexpected fantasy back on my face page and when is the story going to be coming out. I have secondary administrators interested in using it in anti bullying campaign.
Comment by

Great piece! It's very relaxing, soothing, mellow. Something to listen to as you chill in the bathtub. I could picture this with Flower Power. Let's see what Mark says. :D
Take Care,

 Comment Written 19-Aug-2017

Comment by
Music Rating
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  Rank:  2

#2 Ranked Reviewer

nice track;cool vibe;well composed with good instrumentation and good rhythm that sound pleasurable to the listening mind

 Comment Written 17-Aug-2017

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