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Reap What You Sown

Nu groove metal

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It sounds good;I couldn't find anything wrong with it;I wish you the best and good luck as well in your endeavors

 Comment Written 13-Aug-2017

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This was just not very good in my opinion. I had my friends listen to this with me and we all agreed it has hardly a melody.It sounds so chaotic. If you are just starting to play guitar and are imitating those grunge bands from the 80's well you almost succeeded.This music is out of vogue now.I would really work on guitar and vocals.If you are just starting out I can just say don't give up but try doing some rock music that is current and requires you to play some notes. This was just terrible! I gave you a 2 for effort.

 Comment Written 11-Aug-2017

reply by the artist on 11-Aug-2017
    Okay, first off your opinion is whatever, second, you obvisiously dont know shit about song structure or guitar or music theory, if you can not tell what Im doing, nor do you know jack about metal vocals, cause this is not grunge and its groove nu metal or djenty, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, your definitely one, I guess you know nothing about mixing or mastering either since you do not mention a word about it

reply by the artist on 11-Aug-2017
    Screw your mainstream dogmas, play some notes, funny, Manybe you don't understand guitar in metal or death metal, or nu metal, its about the groove you and your friends need to listen to bigger variety of music and stop having your heads up your ass with your arrogance

reply by the artist on 12-Aug-2017
    oh yeah by the way, 80's grunge is awesome, you must be a nerd or something, theres is no concept of music going out of style, only a conformist thinks this way, noyt an artist

reply by SuzieQ on 18-Aug-2017
    Well, quite an interesting response. In no way was my comment meant to be mean spirited; thus, requiring an attack.
    That was my opinion as well as several others --but they are only opinions.
    As far as being a conformist, I will respond.
    First of all, I actually have friends that perform grunge, rap/hip-hop, jazz, hard rock, pop, progressive, heavy metal, classical.
    As to grunge, I have heard bands' songs that have melodies --although not always, but most of them I can make out the lyrics. I was simply making suggestions. If you feel your music sounds as you want, then my apologies. As you must obviously have many fans, followers of your sompositionss
    I have had my music totally blasted and sometimes unfairly in my opinion. But in the end each is entitled to his/her opinions.

    I wish you the best in your music endeavors. And to be fair, I would like to hear more of your music.

reply by SuzieQ on 18-Aug-2017
    Actually you are quite uninformed. Your response says it all. And as to mastering I do not pretend to be on the top of the food chain, I try to continue to strive to be better. I do not know, you may be at the top of your musical world.
    Like I had written previously, I did not attack you. I offered what I considered to be an opinion on the music I heard. As to my guitar playing. I actually was pretty competent until I was struck with a disability. So I wish you the best in your musical future. My intent was never to attack you. Good luck!
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