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Reviews from
Night tease

Retro Nocturne for piano in Bm

 4 total reviews 
Comment by
Jimi Seven
Music Rating

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

You played this beautifully. nice composition...liked the melody and background "riff." It just flows.

 Comment Written 23-Aug-2017

reply by the artist on 23-Aug-2017
    Thank you so much for all your appreciative comments. It was lovely to find them just now - a real lift!
Comment by
Premier Artist
Music Rating
  Rank:  2

#2 Ranked

#4 Ranked Reviewer

Beautiful piece. Hope your college friend enjoyed it as much as I did. Great job keep it up the world needs more of this.

 Comment Written 01-Jun-2017

reply by the artist on 01-Jun-2017
    Thanks very much for your lovely review - much appreciated
Comment by
Kerri Powles
Review Stars
  Rank:  8

I really like the intricacy of this piece. It doesn't conform to a predictable melodic structure which I find rather refreshing. Instead there are surprising twists and turns which leave you wondering what is about to happen next, whilst still managing to maintain a concordant feel. There was only one tiny chord about two thirds of the way through that I would describe as being truly discordant, but that in itself made for a pleasant break in the overall feel of the piece. I listened to this a couple of times, and I hear somthing different each time, and I would urge others not to dismiss this piece too readily but listen a couple of times to get the full impact. In my view an excellent work!

 Comment Written 12-May-2017

reply by the artist on 13-May-2017
    Thank you for your detailed and appreciative review - it really lifted me!
Comment by
Music Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  2

#2 Ranked Reviewer

it sounds good;well composed with good instrumentation;I couldn't find anything wrong;I wish you the best and good luck as well

 Comment Written 12-May-2017

reply by the artist on 12-May-2017
    Thank you very much for taking time to review my work.
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