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Reviews from
For So Long Baby

An old style Rnb soul song

 2 total reviews 
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Premier Author
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Cheers, Adrian;
-very interesting and really great harmonies and good composition.
-The lyrics were fun and I really enjoyed them.
-It could be more of equalization and compression with a little bit more depth in a little bit more tweaking on the base and the treble and that could be reached through advancing the compression and decaying the threshold.
-I can sense a little echoing in sounds great or could be reverb whatever it is it really is pronounced in sounds great.
-Again I like the harmonies.
-Good luck in your endeavors and take care and have a good one.

 Comment Written 10-Mar-2017

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#1 Ranked Reviewer!

It sounds good;well played and beautifully sang(It wasn't clear to me though if it was original or a cover?)

 Comment Written 05-Mar-2017

reply by the artist on 05-Mar-2017
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