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Reviews from
junk yard dog

instrumental rock

 3 total reviews 
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#4 Ranked Reviewer

-superb and exceptional guitar work. The guitar could be a little clearer and less money but it's exceptional work. What kind OF guitar ARE YOU using? This all depends ON how it is recorded. A STRAT is a lot different than a HUMBUCKER OR GIBSON.
-Giving you is 6 just on the guitar playing as the recording is just okay.
-Take care and have a good one and good luck in your endeavors.

 Comment Written 27-Jun-2017

reply by the artist on 24-Jul-2017
    its a strat w/whammy
    s1 sound /tone system
    w/rear humbucker
    I NEeD tO PracTICE more
    thanks for listening

reply by akkrys123 on 24-Jul-2017
    You are very welcome and thanks for the info, Bryan.
Comment by
Review Stars

Very nice piece Bryan. Your tone is always impeccable and although like Satriani we both know that no two guitarists will sound exactly alike. With that said, your sound is distinctive. Your compositions for the most part always have plenty of drive in the rhythm and percussion approach. It makes for great driving music.

All the technical aspects are excellent (eg. progression, recording, mix) although I usually have to adjust the EQ a little from what works for production music it still sounds great.

Nice work man.

 Comment Written 01-Feb-2017

reply by the artist on 01-Feb-2017
    thank you
    i listen to others constantly about how poor my engineering is-
    and i do listen. not world class-but passable for a demo i guess
    no i'm not joe satriani-i just admire him as i do others.

    take care and thanks for the continued constructive comments
Comment by
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  Rank:  1

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

It sounds good though and it rocks like that;well played;the rhythm sounds good and it rocks;I wish you the best

 Comment Written 28-Jan-2017

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