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#2 Ranked Reviewer

-I am very impressed and as a guitarist myself who only plays rhythm and finger pics I realize how well you can play. I've been playing for over 55 years but I sure can play like that or like the way you play.
-I could use someone like you my recording studio to bed you live in Austin is on the on the Monterey Bay coast California.
-Take care and have a good one and especially good luck in your endeavors.

 Comment Written 27-Jun-2017

reply by the artist on 28-Jun-2017
    thank you
    the video and junk yard dog-was an American strat.
    songs such as manhattan and/or just walk away- the guitar used was a les paul w/Floyd.

    her simple song was recorded on a 4 track cassette.
    (sometimes I just want to know what the audience thinks about the song). no mastering.

    hopeing just to be a on hit wonder-no more
    expectations than that. I do listen to other engineers criticisms for I am NO WORLD CLASS ENGINEER. I NEED All the help
    I can get. thanks for listening.

    take care

reply by akkrys123 on 29-Jun-2017
    Your an exceptional guitarist and I enjoyed listening to you play and you are very welcome.
Comment by
Review Stars
  Rank:  16

Excellent video although it did end rather abruptly. Your sound and style are impeccable. THE progression is great and the tempo/feel of the piece makes for great driving music on winding roads through the mountains.

One note though. I tried to play the vid in IE and it did not work. Went to Mozilla and it worked just fine.

Nice work all round and a great setting for a solo video.

 Comment Written 15-Nov-2016

Comment by
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  Rank:  1

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

sounds good;you were rocking the guitar with all the talent and skills at your disposal;I wish you the best

 Comment Written 15-Nov-2016

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