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Reviews from
She's In Wales

A rock instrumental

 4 total reviews 
Comment by

very cool guitar work. I can vision the illustrations to put with this. oh btw I'm not a an illustrator who make music videos with art to music. would love to have the chance to make a video for your music. to get some example of my work check out my profile page. I have many illustrated music videos as example. let me if your interested..great job on that guitar! KEEP ROCKIN!

 Comment Written 22-Nov-2016

reply by the artist on 23-Nov-2016
    i want to thank you for your review of my work.
    as to your video production talents -i have reviewed some of your work and i find it compelling. i'm reminded of marc antoine's "latin quarter" and the flowers video which he produced w/it.

    may i ask what is your vision as you listen to "she's in wales"?

reply by mkflood on 26-Nov-2016
    1st vision of imagining a biker bar that is rival are cats the other are birds characters. a challenge breaks out between them, which would have to be settled on a race with their bikes. of course there would be either a hot looking female cat or bird that will signal to go. which will have segments going back and forth as the one is trying to out run the other. the winner at the end that I haven't decided would be riding off into the sunset with the hot female. sounds quick but that lil skit would take about 17 to 20 drawings to make it work. not counting the effects I would use on the video editing. I said that is one concept..then the 2nd idea, there can be a hot model going thru town shopping and being on the go from store to store and each time she s picking up a kinda of a stalker(not a deviant just being male following the tail) and as each store she goes to there is an additional person added to the stalk. near the end she can turn around and a herd of men..standing there smiling at i said that is a 2nd idea..i create a variety of stories and illustrations. if any of the 2 sounds good let me know. course I'm always open for ideas that I can add to. its up to the collaboration of us to make it rock..wink

reply by mkflood on 26-Nov-2016
    oh btw I don't have a clue who marc antoine is so do forgive me. guess ill have to google that one..wink

reply by the artist on 27-Nov-2016
    i likeropomorphic context can be hillarious and absolutely amusing to many. idea #1-the animation of animals in an anth

reply by mkflood on 28-Nov-2016
    so i take it you the concept behind door #1 right?so to speak..wink. i reckon i have your interest then? if so i can get start on that concept and would take me about lil over a month. i always post it on fanartreview(you know for the rankings) which can give ya a 1st hand look of work in progress. when i get near the end you will have to email me a copy of the song so i can blend it into the making of the video but wont need it till the final drawing. my whole purpose is for us to promote off one another..your music my artowrk..let me know whatcha think

reply by the artist on 29-Nov-2016

reply by the artist on 29-Jun-2017
    hello there
    have not received any written narrative
    in order to get a since of what is required for sountrack for rasmine's work.

    I do have a new recording called "manhattan"
    if you wish to review in furtherance of our

    take care

reply by mkflood on 05-Jul-2017
    sorry bro..i thought she did that..i got this in from her and thought she sent it to you. i am going to break it down into a reading script which will be the same concept but ill be doing the voice of flower power and ill have 4 of my grandkids doing the voices of the other flowers. now here is the easy part for ya. it can be a short song theme. ill start out with the music on the intro and then reading of scripts and then followed with the music at the last part with the credits. 2 minute or less theme would be cool.
    the narrative from rasmine;
    a fall day. There are children playing baseball in a field. One child looks up and notices something odd in the sky.
    ?You guys,? she screams and the game comes to a halt. ?What is that up there? Is that a UFO??
    ?No, dufus, it is a bird, duh!? The child speaking points to his temple and rolls his eyes.
    ?Leave my little sister alone, that could be an unidentified flying object ? we don?t know what it is, so it is a UFO, duh to you.?
    The answer comes from the single person sitting in the bleachers. It?s an older child. ?No, I have heard about this ? it?s Flower Power.?
    The little girl frowns. ?What is a flower power??
    There is a swooshing sound as the object in the sky flies around the field and lands by the pitcher. He backs up, fear in his eyes.
    The object is shaped like a large daisy. The children gather around him not knowing what to make.
    ?Are you a flower power?? The girl asks this hesitantly.

    "Hello. I'm Flower Power. I was born to two daisies near my friend Rose's house. Rose is a friendly plant owned by a human woman.

    Ever since I was a very young daisy, I knew I was different. I could hear others talking from far away, I could zoom my eyesight and see far-away objects, and I could fly. I used to feel funny about these things but thanks to my teacher, Sensei Goldie, a magical golden dragonfly, I feel like a real superhero. She taught me that differences are beautiful.
    Now I am not just 'Flower', but 'Flower Power'. I also am here to help all beings, not just my kind. If you or anyone you know need me, call me -- I will hear." Flower Power smiles kindly. "I am very pleased to meet all of you."
    Flower bends down and then takes off flying into the setting sun. The children cheer!

    ps..ill check out the new song now but i wanted to get this to ya fast. sorry about the delay.

Comment by
Review Stars
  Rank:  16

The intro to this piece is very good and the rhythm is interesting. As always, your lead guitar performances are exceptional. The progression has a good deal of variety; great changes that work well in support of your lead efforts.

Another excellent track Brian.

 Comment Written 08-Nov-2016

reply by the artist on 08-Nov-2016
Comment by

I like the driving beat with the Satriani style riffs and solos. Well designed dynamics that build and release with natural feel adding color and texture. Only caution from me is having multiple layers without careful strategic placement can tend to "muddy" or make it hard to hear the different parts collectively. Rockin tune!

 Comment Written 07-Oct-2016

reply by the artist on 07-Oct-2016
    excellent critiqur

reply by the artist on 07-Oct-2016
    excellent critique

reply by the artist on 07-Oct-2016
    please review revised mix then score accordingly if you would

reply by musicman on 08-Oct-2016
    I cannot determine specific changes without having original mix to reference, however this remix had more clarity and brightness overall, sometimes I find old fashion simplicity gets lost in today's fast pace music scene.
Comment by
Music Rating
  Rank:  12

This is a great instrumental. I wish it had some vocals to it. This would be the ultimate track. But all in all, great work.

 Comment Written 07-Oct-2016

reply by the artist on 07-Oct-2016
    plese review the revised version then evaluate accordingly

reply by Slickmacsilkylovejam on 08-Oct-2016
    Ok I will
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