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Violent industrial Metal

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Although this isn't the genre of music i typically listen to, I can appreciate the talent and effort put into putting this together.

Best to you.


 Comment Written 13-Aug-2016

reply by the artist on 13-Aug-2016
    thanks a lot

reply by songwriter47 on 13-Aug-2016
    You are welcome!
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  Rank:  16

Very dynamic intro. The percussion is very prominent through the mix and it sounds good. The vocals are very good and relay the purpose and intent of metal nicely. The guitars and bass deliver a great drive and the tone is excellent.

The recording is good and the mix is well balanced, however I think the mastering could have been improved a but to make everything a bit clearer and more dynamic.

 Comment Written 13-Aug-2016

reply by the artist on 13-Aug-2016
    thanks much and i agree, im no producer but i try my best, thanks

reply by Noah_Ohne on 13-Aug-2016
    I'm no producer either, but you can get a lot of useful tips from some of the people on this site. :-)

reply by the artist on 13-Aug-2016
    thanks for the help, i have to ask, appreciate your time, thanks

reply by Noah_Ohne on 13-Aug-2016
    No problem. Always glad to help if I can.
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