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Reviews from
the wind

an acoustic song

 6 total reviews 
Comment by

Great acoustics!! Congrats!
I may have already given a review for this, but it is very relaxing and gentle.
Keep up the creativity!

 Comment Written 25-Feb-2018

reply by the artist on 09-Apr-2018
    On "Down On 29" - do you think a video is warranted to push it.

reply by rasmine on 11-Apr-2018
    Yeah, would be cool! I have put all of Flower's stories together to give to publisher's when I'm done. :D
    Can you submit your music to be published and sold? (Sorry I don't know a lot about the music industry.)
Comment by
Music Rating


Congrats on the win. I've not been around much lately ... just finished 8 months of chemo and my stamina & strength aren't so good!

Anyway, wanted to congratulate you and let you know how much I enjoyed your playing. Sweet!


 Comment Written 15-Nov-2016

reply by the artist on 16-Nov-2016
    take care of yourself and
    thank you

    dr.bryan taylor,ed.d.

reply by songwriter47 on 17-Nov-2016
    You are welcome. And thank you for your kindness and well wishes in return ... much appreciated!
Comment by
Premier Author
Music Rating

Congratulations Bryan on your win
Was it all acoustical because the drums sound like they are MIDI generated and guitar sounds a little electric. I'm just asking because you do not have any information on how you made the music that was one of the suggestions in the contest. I was just curious because I really liked it.
Congratulations again on your win and take care and have a good one.

 Comment Written 13-Nov-2016

Comment by

A contest winning entry! A seven star rating from the Contest Committee for posting the winning contest entry.

 Comment Written 13-Nov-2016

Comment by
Review Stars

This track has a very smooth, calming sound that is very appealing to me. It's a bit reminiscent (although in a different style totally) of some of the early works of Pat Metheny. The progression is very good and one that sounds like some that is very familiar although not (if you know what I mean).

Superb piece of work.

 Comment Written 06-Jul-2016

Comment by
Music Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  1

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

nicely composed and played with good rhythm;It sounds pleasurable and I couldn't find anything wrong with;I wish you the best and good luck as well

 Comment Written 06-Jul-2016

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