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Reviews from
Ripples in time

A short orchestral piece

 4 total reviews 
Comment by
Jimi Seven

#2 Ranked Reviewer

Awesome song. For being self taught you nailed the genre. You played this well... I loved the strings and the percussion.
The melody was quite soothing and moved it along nicely.

Beautiful song!

 Comment Written 24-Aug-2017

reply by the artist on 28-Aug-2017
    Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my assorted songs and tunes. Very encouraging.
Comment by
Premier Artist
Music Rating

I liked the quasi Tudor feel to this. This instrumental mix is very appealing and the melody is delicate. The harmonic movement is well achieved and the overall effect very nice.There was a good sense of development within the music. Despite my comment about the 'Tudor' feel at the beginning, this is certainly classical in its harmony.

 Comment Written 27-Jul-2016

reply by the artist on 28-Jul-2016
    Thanks Wallace , much appreciated. I agee with the Tudor comment, I was born several centuries too late.
Comment by
Music Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  1

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

very well played and it sounds good,I couldn't find anything wrong with it and I wish you the best and good luck as well

 Comment Written 14-Apr-2016

reply by the artist on 14-Apr-2016
    Thanks Frankie, much appreciated.
Comment by
Review Stars

This is a very serene piece of music that inspires a mood of calmness. The basic melody is... for lack of a better word; soothing.

The progression is very good and the changes flow well. The strings are well orchestrated. The solo violin is well executed and the attach sounds very authentic as does the vibrato. The flute contributes significantly to the serene mood of the composition. The interplay between the solo violin and flute is very nice and they compliment one another well.

The recording and mix are excellent. The only thing I would suggest is a bit of separation in the panning of the various orchestral instruments to put the listener more 'inside' the mix.

Excellent work.

 Comment Written 13-Apr-2016

reply by the artist on 14-Apr-2016
    Thanks Noah, much appreciated. I will play around with the panning on the next piece.
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