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upon your arrival

a new birth gives hope to a continued and better

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#2 Ranked Reviewer

Gotta love those orange guitar amps lol. great tone and a lot of fun. i like the melody, nice work on the guitar. Creative and adventurous sound. Typically I dont really get into instrumentals, but this is another song well done. Nice mix and tones really. keep up the good work.

 Comment Written 24-Mar-2016

reply by the artist on 24-Mar-2016
    thank u for the review
    in the rareified air of "guitat god" instrumentals(joe satriani,steve vai,eric johnson) its all about tone and writing and arrangement & world class engineering. it truly takes a team approach just to get one act/one individual over the top.
    i'm definitely NOT there yet
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Your guitars always sound great. The intro is very nice with the acoustic and electric guitars. The tone of your lead is really hot, and your usage of the wah pedal is tasteful to say the least. I like to use them also for adding a bit of a bitting, or squealing tone to leads.

The progression is very good and the acoustic fill out the mix nicely. The melodies are great played with the tone you have and really add a degree of excitement to the piece.

Great work as usual Bryan.

 Comment Written 24-Mar-2016

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