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Song i wrote i also made the beat

 3 total reviews 
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Music Rating

Strong voice and energetic, wow nice, expecting more music from u all d best to u sir, very nice voice culture, have a nice day to u sir

 Comment Written 21-Mar-2016

reply by the artist on 22-Mar-2016
    Thanks as always your compliments are greatly appreciated.

reply by sowjimusic2 on 22-Mar-2016
    Always welcome sir
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Music Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  2

#2 Ranked Reviewer

I couldn't find anything wrong;It sounds good;keep it up and I believe it might appeal to the general public;all the best

 Comment Written 21-Mar-2016

reply by the artist on 21-Mar-2016
    Thanks I really appreciate your feedback, when I wrote this I was kind of trying to write to where everyone could relate to it, young, older, and even tried make it relate to all music genres.
Comment by
Review Stars
  Rank:  16

The synth patch is nice and made for a great intro. The rap is rhythmic and tells a story that is probably true for a lot of people. Lining life day to day the best we can.

The delivery in interesting and displays a style that is unique.

Very memorable performance.

 Comment Written 21-Mar-2016

reply by the artist on 21-Mar-2016
    Thank as always I appreciate the feedback, I try my hardest to be unique and different I hate following trends.

reply by Noah_Ohne on 21-Mar-2016
    Being unique is always a good thing Brandnew. I try and do the same myself. Although my music may not be likable to everyone, it is uniquely me. Since you can't please everyone, don't try.

    Keep up the uniqueness man. That's where success is, not in being a clone wannabe like so many others.
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