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Reviews from
at your beckon call

an acoustic melody

 8 total reviews 
Comment by
Kerri Powles
Review Stars
  Rank:  6

I really cannot see any way this can be improved upon Bryan! An excellent and accomplished instrumental which is both complex in it's structure and harmonically superb. Very often when too many instruments are brought together it can get a bit messy for want of a better phrase, but definitely not in this case, the balance is just right! The end result is a fantastic overall sound which draws you in from the very start and has you coasting along on a high. A very polished, high standard of performance.
Incidentally I make a mean Welsh Rare-bit, but my shepherds legendary :)

 Comment Written 24-Mar-2016

Comment by
Music Rating
  Rank:  8

#8 Ranked

#5 Ranked Reviewer

In this piece I can almost here the band Rush influence. Great sounding guitars. They keys really layered in nice to add to the flow. Good melody. Could easily be used as background music for TV scenes, maybe a fishing show or a documentary, great talent. Good luck.

 Comment Written 24-Mar-2016

reply by the artist on 24-Mar-2016
    thank you for your generous response.
    as i am not a world class engineer-it is nice to hear that audiologically this material is passable at that type of production level. take care

Comment by

Very nice Bryan. You're an excellent guitarist. I think the drums could've had more feeling and maybe mixed back a little bit, but overall very nice and I like your new strings!

 Comment Written 23-Mar-2016

Comment by
2euce B.I.G.A.L.O

This piece sounds very upbeat like the song could be positive! I like the instrumentation and the guitar is on point if I may use that vernacular...good job!

 Comment Written 22-Mar-2016

Comment by
Music Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  2

#2 Ranked Reviewer

your composition always sound good and I just couldn't find any fault with it;It's got what it takes to make the audience enjoy good music

 Comment Written 22-Mar-2016

reply by the artist on 23-Mar-2016
    i like this one

    yeah sure
    and the grammy goes
    to...has a certain movement ripe for sound track
Comment by
Music Rating

Wow, very pleasant, instruments sounds excellent, expecting more music from u in future all the best for ur bright future awesome. Have a nice day.

 Comment Written 21-Mar-2016

reply by the artist on 23-Mar-2016
    hang in there w/your music. make it happen/just make it happen

reply by sowjimusic2 on 24-Mar-2016
    Thank you so much
Comment by
Music Rating

Nice Work. I have a homeboy that does this genre of music he'll love this track. I normally listen to Rap music but I do occasionally listen to this style. Sounds like a movie soundtrack

 Comment Written 20-Mar-2016

Comment by
Review Stars
  Rank:  16

This is a great sounding recording. The multiple acoustics are well balanced in the mix and the rhythm section provides excellent support for the acoustic performance.

The progression is very good and the changes flow nicely. The melody is very good and in my opinion, memorable. This is a great driving song, especially thru winding mountain roads.

Excellent work.

 Comment Written 20-Mar-2016

reply by the artist on 20-Mar-2016
    i hope this one is a natural where it may be picked up by alabel. i too think it has good movement and feel to it. it would work for movis/tv soundtrack. but most importantly does it make u the listener feel good?

reply by Noah_Ohne on 24-Mar-2016
    Yea, I think you nailed it Bryan... This one feels good, as do other of your compositions. You have a knack.

reply by Noah_Ohne on 24-Mar-2016
    Or found your niche' as it were.
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