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Reviews from
Leaving Buffalo

Our love was cold as the wind

 6 total reviews 
Comment by
Jimi Seven
Music Rating

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

Good story...lyrics tell the story well...

Liked the harmonica particularly....

Some word choice in the lyrics "see her anyone more" not sure what was meant there.. I would have developed the story flow a little more, moving it forward to a resolution...

But it was a good effort.

 Comment Written 30-Jul-2017

reply by the artist on 30-Jul-2017
    Jimi; you may have something there about moving into a different direction of a kind of resolution. Thanks for reviewing and take care and have a good one.
Comment by


Ok, you have wonderful harmonica, strings and vocals.
I wish I was able to give you a six...I just registered
on the site...but guess what? I broke up with Buffalo
too! Two of my sons are still there.

I like the lyrics and I wish you well as you so and sing.
Sure you won't miss the snow. Interesting how you melded the
Buffalo with your real life love.

Best Wishes,

 Comment Written 13-Nov-2015

reply by the artist on 14-Nov-2015
    Linda; thank you so much my dear friend for listening and reading my lyrics which I truly appreciate wholeheartedly. I guess you know how cold it is in Buffalo?
Comment by
Music Rating

What a nice song buddy! Lyrics are really nice. I like the soft touch from your instrumentals especially the strings and your harmonica.
Now, to take this song to a higher level, I would probably take the strings down just a bit and take off your metronome so people listening will not hear it as it tends to distract the listener from the nice feel of this song.

Good job pal. Please continue to share your wonderful talents with us.

 Comment Written 12-Nov-2015

reply by the artist on 13-Nov-2015
    Samasoni; thank you so much for your advice and consideration I will follow your advice. and thank you so kindly for reading and reviewing my work and for listening to my song.
Comment by
Review Stars
  Rank:  16

This is a very good track that is well recorded. The acoustic guitar sounds really good and I know how difficult it can be to make them sound good recorded. The lyrics are very good and well presented in the song and tell an interesting story. The harmonica is a very nice touch and adds to the warmth of the track.

Great job.

 Comment Written 11-Nov-2015

reply by the artist on 11-Nov-2015
    Noah; thank you so kindly my friend for listening and reviewing my song which I truly appreciate wholeheartedly.
Comment by

The sound of this recording has a kind of a "take me back in time" quality to it, and I like the panning of the instruments distributed to the speakers. Your voice also fits the musical expression perfectly. When it comes to the rhythmical part on the other hand, now, that is another my ears anyway. It is almost like nothing fits together, and it is difficult to determent what goes where in the melody. What about building a steady drumtrack first the next time, and than work it from there? Good luck in the contest :-)

 Comment Written 11-Nov-2015

reply by the artist on 11-Nov-2015
    2USband; I used a metronome for each instrument and then for the total song so I don't know what went wrong? And the tempo was at 135 beats. anyway thank you for reading and reviewing my work and for listening to my song which I truly appreciate wholeheartedly. thank you also for your good luck in the contest

reply by 2USband on 11-Nov-2015
    My pleasure ;-)
Comment by
Music Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  2

#2 Ranked Reviewer

greatly sang cool like that;well composed with an equally good rhythm;I believe that it might appeal to the general public;the cover art also looks good;good luck as well

 Comment Written 11-Nov-2015

reply by the artist on 11-Nov-2015
    Frankie(n); think so kindly my friend for listening, reading and reviewing my work which I truly appreciate wholeheartedly.
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