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Reviews from
a poor guitarist's gift

holiday rock instrumental

 5 total reviews 
Comment by
Pacific Sunshine Band
Music Rating

Hi bryan.i like this very reminds me of lee rittenhour.
a great guitarist and a good song writer.make some more like this one .Great and the tune is nice .good recorded too.

Ramey ;-Pacific Sunshine Band-

 Comment Written 18-Nov-2015

reply by the artist on 22-Nov-2015
    thank you
    such cmparrisons to an established elite player is hard to live up too.
    take care
Comment by
Review Stars
  Rank:  16

Very rockin' track. Excellent lead playing and guitar tone would be hard to beat. The drum track keeps the drive going nicely and the rhythm guitars and keyboards provide a canvas ripe for the lead guitar work.

This is definitely a winner in every respect.

 Comment Written 16-Nov-2015

reply by the artist on 01-Dec-2015
    thanks noah for the response to this effort
    your response is both informative and appreciated

Comment by

For Christmas I will buy you a new set of strings.I think you will need them because you burnt that set up.Another home run for you.

 Comment Written 19-Oct-2015

reply by the artist on 23-Oct-2015
    much obliged.
    keep and stay well

Comment by

All in all a good guitar/instrumental tune, and when the chorus guitar took over towards the end it became even more enjoyable to listen to. At the start it sounded like there were two melodies rolled into one, but that might be due to the sound in general. Maybe a little more omph in the bass-area would do the trick to make it more solid :-) Keep up the great work.

 Comment Written 14-Oct-2015

reply by the artist on 14-Oct-2015
    check the bass now-and thank you for the constructive input

reply by the artist on 14-Oct-2015

reply by 2USband on 14-Oct-2015
    Much better this time around, sir. The improvment to the bass is notisable and the whole mix sounds like it has more omph to it. By the way: I guess that Stevie Vai is a big influence to you ;-) Among others.

reply by the artist on 14-Oct-2015
    joe satriani/steve vai/eric Johnson along w/malmsteen are very much in a league of their own. it will be very difficult to break in. that is why I sincerely look to you and others for constructive criticism in order that I eventually improve just enough to become a one hit wonder-not that I can foreseeably be ever mentioned in their same breath.
Comment by

It's definitely a holiday song. From the initial performance, I looked up at the title again to be sure and yep. You got that "holiday instrumental" in the description. I wasn't on crack. I am an instrumentalist, so this song is right up my alley. Awesome guitar. Love, love, love it. I do like that crazy chord change too. It breaks up the song enough to keep interest. Awesome job!

 Comment Written 14-Oct-2015

reply by the artist on 14-Oct-2015
    thank you so very much and from a fellow instrumentalist-
    i consider your evaluation especially note worthy and inspirational.
    we are all trying to get into that rarefied air/climate known
    as "an instrumental guitarist". so thank you once again.

    take care

reply by Instrumentalist66 on 14-Oct-2015
    You are welcome and thank you for a wonderful few minutes of listening. :)

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