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Reviews from
ride my pony

i reaaly don't know

 4 total reviews 
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Very nice feel and a bit jiggy. This is interesting and a bit different from the norm. The guitar riffs are excellent and the tone provides and undeniable level of excitement in the performance.

On the negative side, the drums sort of sound like they are being played to a phase shifter and for me, that detracts from the quality of the piece. Also, it did end rather abruptly.

 Comment Written 01-Dec-2015

Comment by

I liked this very much.Good tempo and beat. Particully liked the mix of acoustic and electric have a great talent.

 Comment Written 11-Sep-2015

reply by the artist on 14-Sep-2015
    hey-I thought it came out pretty well. I'm not a world-class engineer by any measure so I enjoy when somebody gives me positive feedback. it does take a team type approach just to get
    one individual/one sound to make it distinguishable and marketable. thank you again for your review.

    take care
Comment by
Music Rating

performance wise i'd say this is excellent. the sound quality and and production are about average. the 2 things that come to mind first are that it's possible there is a significant loss of quality in the conversion processes. the analog to digital converters may be an issue and therefore going into the computer there is loss of quality and also the conversion to mp3 process may be taking a toll on the sound as well. check the quality of the mp3 encoding. the volume balance of the mix seems good, but there seems to be some panning to the guitar that might be worth checking out. the lead guitar is allowed to dominate the mix and be the center of attention as it is the lead melodic instrument. they playing is good, so let it shine through. all in all, good music that can really turn into something special with a few improvements in the overall sound quality.

 Comment Written 20-Aug-2015

reply by the artist on 23-Aug-2015
    your right
    a significant weakness of mine is that i am not a world class engineer/producer. it really does take a team to get just one over the top/threshold inorder to become asuccesful-independet solo-artist.


reply by thehitman on 23-Aug-2015
    you're doing the right thing by following through with getting music finished and putting it out there for people to listen to. that is an accomplishment and you are on the right path. learning and growing is a step by step process that happens every time you devote your energies to something. something that may be of help to you if you are doing this yourself is for you to have something to compare your music to for reference. so as you are working you can shape things to match the qualities that you like and that you want your music to have. find something that's similar stylistically and A/B and listen for things like volume, tone, panning, frequencies, etc. take it step by step by matching up 1 instrument as close as you can at a time. it's sorta like having the answers right in front of you during a math test, u can see if your work is correct if you come to the same answer. it's especially helpful when u are working in less than ideal conditions because you will already know what the reference song sounds like outside of where you are so you can have more confidence in what you are hearing while you compare and tweak. you won't get there right away, but you'll get closer each time you work at it. it's like practicing your instrument, only, you are working different muscles. keep moving forward no matter what. thx for replying!
Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say in your footnote, but I did catch that you're trying to reconnect with your UK side. And trust me mate it is worth it. Btw I get the jist of it, just not the derailed part. The honor and respect along is worth it. The composition itself is well comprised and structured. Love the well held notes and transitional play. Drum kick was cool as well. You got a real traditional trueness behind you technique. It shows skill and discipline. I think you would be deadly as heck, when you start using more gap'age and solo sets of chords. Just let it rock out. Let everyone else make simple pieces, show them how to rock.. How to really bridge a song for artist structure or just instrumental play. But you know I'm a fan so, this is just me being me. Cheers and remember in the UK, poverty is the power of emotion behind the emotions of a land progressed to the microphone. You hitting mate/

 Comment Written 20-Aug-2015

reply by the artist on 25-Aug-2015
    yes i do have unresolved issues
    i rock on
    take care and thank you once again.

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