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hsr 2:44

rock instrumental

 3 total reviews 
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Great track Bryan. Love the melody line and the tone of the guitar is excellent. Very musical.

Love It!

 Comment Written 14-Aug-2015

reply by the artist on 18-Aug-2015
    thank you noah
    i enjoyed making this recording aswell

    take care
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as usual your composition of beat or rhythm rocks and really sounds good and as always I wish you the best and the good luck that we all need

 Comment Written 03-Aug-2015

reply by the artist on 09-Aug-2015
    thank you and take care
Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

This is my kind of track mate. I love a good rock, country neo funk original style. And your stringing is intense. I like that melody equaling the chords, they have a different key, but they blend nicely. One minor note and I mean this with no cross intentions, but I think you should start this intro somewhee aound the 15 to 23 second mark, you know where you have a better break down to percuss. Well I tink you should start in like that, then grip the heck out of us with those chords and kill'em with the melody and that tambourine mate.Killer.. And I knoooo you knoW I love that string out fading into the mist. Just a sidenote,you peeks hit alil sharp and distort the sound at times, but that's an easy fix. But don't do the lazy way with the volume mate. Keep this song rocking in it's natural purity, just replay those chords a nitch softer.Heck even alot and pull them up with a smooth cross. Anyways you get my drift.Lol Great job mate & Cheers

 Comment Written 02-Aug-2015

reply by the artist on 17-Aug-2015
    i must learn to rock w/the gods
    however-if its not meant to be -its not meant to be

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    read responsibly while consuming these words
    not affiliated w/any major labels


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