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Reviews from
Without You

Love song/Easy listening

 4 total reviews 
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The music is very nice with a great intro. Your voice has a great timbre and the power to cut through the mix very nicely. You also have a nice range.

The music is well written and arranged with a progression that enhances the story you're telling.

 Comment Written 13-Feb-2016

Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

First let me start by saying that the keys play in this song is very beautiful. It's does seem to falter as you express your vocals. I do like the lyrics to this track and the percussion play increasing the melody of the hook & bridges. But however I do feel that the drums seem to be slacking in their intentions and sincerity. You vocals seem to be strapped with this same issue. I think you would benefit from playing all the instruments first on a record track, then after that laying down your vocals. sometime live is best live for those who seem to be halted by the combo when recording. Production is important, but performance of your piece is the most important. Dig deep mate and believe in you voice and then just let go. However i do think you should bring some parts down to a slow rifting whisper fade. Like the without you parts..they come of a little harsh mate. And if you sound to sad, remember you sadden us. There's a very fine difference between soft singing a soft track and depressing sing on a depressing track. On you can make us distinguish the difference, Get it mate? By the by though.. I usually don't judge on record quality because we all can't master that, but the static is very very rough, pronounced and pulls the song down levels, forcing the listener to fight through it in hopes of elevating your score to be given. I think you can do better, i hear the skill, want and have to not only do it and want it.. you have to do it and want it to the best of your God given ability (not your willing wants). Fight to be better and be critical of yourself first and for most. Don't except completion..except success. I hope this inspires your desires to be more and not crushes your spirit. Cheers & B blessed mate. If you have any questions I am hear PERSONALLY, PROFESSIONALLY & FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Just as all music should be. Seek change and acknowledgement, let the industry live for fame & you will find your fan base. Hence your GROOVE.

 Comment Written 06-Aug-2015

reply by the artist on 08-Aug-2015
    Thank you for listening to my song and taking the time to give me your feedback. It is nice just to have someone listen to something that I have created and believe it should be heard. I had a lot of help with a good and talented friend of mine in making this song and enjoy getting comments and feedback on it. This was my first song I had ever written and recorded. It was recorded back in 1990 and taken from a cassette tape so that could explain the quality of the recording. If I were able to re-record it I think it would sound really nice as a duet(man and women). Anyway, I am not a member of this site yet so I was only able to upload one song, but I do have another one that I have recorded. If you are interested in hearing that one just go to youtube. I put out a lyric version of my song The Way You Like To Do along with my song Without You on my page. It is under Mike Idziak. Feel free to check it out. That song was also recorded back in 1990 as well. Thanks again for your feedback. Hope to talk again soon. Take care for now.

reply by Kakalaki Kid on 08-Aug-2015
    No Problem seriously & thank you for explaining your track in detail, I love to see the love behind peoples drive. Plus it helps explain alot & shows you are here to grow. BTW I'm not a member either yet, but am ranked #2 in reviewing, it's possible to upload a different track you just have to use the same one (since they only give you two reviews free) OO I searched for you to find this track. Just go to your song and press edit then change everything to the new track.. don't forget to upload the track first otherwise you'll have to retype everything over again. If you have any member money (preferably around 6.55) then you can push your song again into rotation. I do it quite a lot. Oh yeah, i would also put that this track is pulled from a tape RIGHT NEXT TO THE SONG TITLE.. Like exp: "Without You (Cassette restoration of a 90's track.. or just the cassette restoration part. It will raise your scores and help people to truly listen through and past the quality.. And yes mate we will talk again soon. i'm here to build a union.. i don't know why others are here. Cheers and thx again for taking my review to heart.. I may be dying of cancer but cancer can't stop the fact that I'm dying to share my knowledge before that day cometh. Well talk soon Mike to Myke.. :} Btw I'm on youtube and Jango.. Jango is waaaaaay better than any thing out there for indie artist. Just go to jango & type Kakalaki Kid or Myke JL.. Ones y new style of Country and the other is R&B.. I only have Myke JL on Youtube. I have no Kakalaki Videos yet, but 3 are in production.. It's hard when you're sick, but no excuses Anyways enjoy & hopefully you will see that I truky can help if needed. BTW I HAAAAAAATE YOUTUBE, it's like a waste of time unless you do all the work and spend thousands to get subscribers, likes and just dag on plays. But some how lady gaga just put out a song at 11pm and by 5am it's already got over 100 million likes, views and like 200 thousand subscribers.. WHAT?! I'm calling B.S. I do believe people sleep and children don't have free reign in every house hold and most adults should be doing far more important things at that time of night/morning. But then after I broke 2,000 view on 5 songs and got over 500 subscribers all of a sudden Youtube is offering me packages to buy so that I can be seen with the likes of a Lay gaga.. What a joke they are suppose to help direct people to indie artist and help them grow while belittlei=ing the indusrty star who has all other means of exspoure locked down. But they do the oposite and for that I have yet to return to youtube or respond to a single request. But I'm breaking the charts every day and every where with Jango. Heck last week I out did Taylor Swift and Charted over Thomas Rhett.. I later received a letter from Nashville star magazine requesting a video and single submission for the cover page article. And Nashville Musical Writing Commission requested for me to write a song for Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Sam Hunt, and Thomas Rhett.. Ironic right.But awesome. I also got invited, well nominated for the Greensboro National Country Festival in October i believe, I haven't desired yet, my illness doesn't always allow me to play my strings or travel. But it would be great to do a show back home.But awesome. i think if your ready..that your songs at a better quality would do very well. By the btw, I know a program you could try to clean that up.. Just let me know.. TTY Sorry for rambling but I love talking to other true artist.. That's what it's all about

reply by the artist on 09-Aug-2015
    Thanks for the reply and thanks for all the music info. I will have to check Jango out. I will also look you up on youtube and subscribe to you. I know what you mean about youtube. I have 4 kids at home and some of things they watch is like, really, that video has that many views. I think some of the people that put those videos out there watch them over and over to get more views. Anyway, sorry to hear about your cancer. I know some friends and family that have had cancer and have pulled thru. Some are still struggling but keep pushing on. Stay strong. I will say some prayers for you. I have been working on a new song(lyrics and the music in my head) but I have yet to get together with my friend to work on it. Hopefully soon. Take care for now. Talk to you soon.

reply by Kakalaki Kid on 09-Aug-2015
    Thx Michael I welcome all prayers and give all stregth to my brethern of pain. Now about this new track..I can't wait mate. And I promise you once you go Jango you will NEVER go anywhere else. But just don't forget who sent you there. Stay in contact..And if you join connect your list to mine and you'll have ALOT LOT of new listeners. I have several groups and individual artist on jago and we are kicking in doors and being graceful invited into others. i have done this since i was 9 and I am 40 now, and i have never been world wide in such a consistently controlled way. and by my own design. I frig'n love it. No artist should be trapped. Jango gives you the world and bring you to their door step.When you see how they showcase me and my artist along side with the majors, i know you will tell yourself that this should be you too. Cheers mate and hope to talk soon.. and to become a REAL fan on JANGO. To help you reach a REAL POPSCORE counted by ALL the majors.
Comment by
Premier Artist
Music Rating

The recording is a bit 'hissy', but there you go. I really enjoyed your voice and the simple accompaniment. the lyrics are appealing. The chord progression is successful giving the song a nice feeling of shape and movement. Very nice to listen to, thank you.

 Comment Written 10-Jul-2015

reply by the artist on 11-Jul-2015
    Thank you. Much appreciated. It was uploaded from a cassette tape and it was recorded back in 1990. That would explain the quality. It is nice to have more outlets for people to hear your music. Feel free to check out another song I recorded on youtube. I have put together some videos with lyrics for this song as well as another one. The other song is called The Way You Like To Do. Just look up my name(Mike Idziak). Thanks again.
Comment by
Music Rating
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#1 Ranked Reviewer!

nicely composed and sang with a good feel;and the rhythm equally sounds good;I couldn't find anything wrong;all the best

 Comment Written 08-Jul-2015

reply by the artist on 08-Jul-2015
    Thank you. Much appreciated. I actually put it to a video with lyrics on youtube along with another song I recorded(The Way You Like To Do) so feel free to check that out as well. Just look under Mike Idziak. I am new to this website and hope to get more involved. Thanks again. I always like to hear what people have to say about my songs.
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