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Reviews from
a woman in love


 4 total reviews 
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Very interesting music, and a bit different than usual. The acoustic guitar sounds really good on this one. The wine and jazz must have been very inspiring. This piece has an excellent feel that is very mellow and pleasing to listen to. I think the changes in dynamics is excellent to slowly build into the slightly heavier sections of music.

The progression is excellent and the changes fit well. VEry nice composition.

 Comment Written 02-Mar-2016

reply by the artist on 23-Mar-2016
    the merlowe was ...
    thank you
    and so were the surroundings that prompted its writing
Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

Man you are KILLING ME for f' sake lol.. Man if you just hear 1 bloody song from me you get what I mean. You are killing this style, BUT YOU NEED TO BE IN COUNTRY!!! I swear mate this song could cross the oceans and the lands and into the souls of a torn nation. I would bleed on this track as you have to create it. note I'm not asking for it..I'm begging you to come to the KUNTREESYDE!! I wish I made this.that's how bloody bad i love this song. It's frig'n killing me. I can't stand it. I swear It makes me feel like I'm missing something. Great job mate & WELCOME TO KUNTREE LOL CHeers mate & God bless

 Comment Written 04-Aug-2015

reply by the artist on 05-Aug-2015
    your one response to this one song is so heartfelt that if i never do make it to the "big leagues"-if i never become merely a "one hit wonder"- if i never play again-i will have considered my job well done. For i now know i made an impact on another for one fleeting moment in one moment of time-thank you


reply by Kakalaki Kid on 05-Aug-2015
    no it i that thx you cheer mate & God Bless u & yours
Comment by
Kerri Powles
Review Stars

Brilliant! Really love this a lot. Cranked up the volume and let the wonderful sounds wash over me. Some of the best music is composed at weird hours, I think that's when the mind is at it's most receptive. Just love the beat and guitar work (gorgeous guitar sound!) Taken as a whole the melody is very melodic, easy and laid back to listen. In my eyes and ears this is a most definite 6 for me. Well done!!

 Comment Written 07-Jul-2015

reply by the artist on 07-Jul-2015
    thank you-simply thank you
Comment by
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#1 Ranked Reviewer!

this track also sounds good;you've got the skills and the talent and has the versatility qualities;I wish you the best

 Comment Written 06-Jul-2015

reply by the artist on 07-Jul-2015
    i wrote this as soundtrack material...still no bites...thank you for your continued support

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