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Reviews from
an unexpected fantasy

is a dream a dream or a reality of things to come

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  Rank:  19

The acoustics give this a very mellow sound. Your slow attack/volume pedal swells on the riffs in the intro are very tasty and set a good mood.

I like the tone of your lead on this one. It seems a little less over driven and the crystalline high end of the E and B strings really come out on this one and deliver a high end scream that is very pleasing.

Overall, this feels excellent and displays another facet of your composition skills.

Excellent work Sir!

 Comment Written 27-Apr-2016

Comment by
Jun Naotsuka

Again this sounds nice just like the other one you posted. The electric guitar on the left sounded a little clumsy at the beginning, but it got much better later in the song. I like the combination of instruments you chose.

 Comment Written 15-Feb-2015

reply by the artist on 16-Feb-2015
    the opening was left "natural "intentionally-to give it a more realistic-unprocessed appeal.

reply by the artist on 16-Feb-2015
    thank you for the listen as i will provide different approaches later.
Comment by
Scott Harvey
Review Stars

I really liked this. There were some rough spots, but so many great ones. I liked your guitar tone on the acoustic and electric. Some of it reminded me of some of Steve Morse's slower songs. I have a feeling you're a fan of his. The way you used the volume knob was a trick that he does. Anyway, great job!

 Comment Written 14-Feb-2015

reply by the artist on 16-Feb-2015
    i'm not steve morse-i could'nt even carry his guitat case-if u catch my drift but thankyou
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