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Love song

 4 total reviews 
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  Rank:  16

Very nice groove setup from the beginning. The very rhythmic vocals are great over the drum beat and provide lots of drive for the piece. It would be nice to see your lyrics posted. They sound very interesting.

This is a very interesting approach that works well.

 Comment Written 06-Feb-2016

Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

This is a very interesting composition. I'm not sure what can be done lyrically because the song and the structure is rather nice. I just think you could elevate this if it had a better vocal quality to hear and judge. But I was feeling it the longer it was on mate. That tempo kick or treble hit is rather intense though , you might want to level it down a 2 points. but I think this is rather original and with your youth you have plenty of time to crisp the edges. Cheers mate Ps if the quality to hear you was just a little bit better i could give you another star. I edit my reviews, so if you reup load another version hit me up personal k mate Cheers

 Comment Written 04-Aug-2015

Comment by
Music Rating
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  Rank:  2

#2 Ranked Reviewer

you did great with your composition,it sounds good no doubt;nice beat and you arranged and produced it well;keep it up

 Comment Written 29-Jan-2015

reply by the artist on 05-Feb-2015
    Thank you very much!
Comment by
Edward Schaffer

Fast beat and decent production. But I don't care for the vocal styling. It is a performance issue, not a production issue. The beat pattern is creative... And the vocal statement is just my opinion... It isn't bad, just not to my taste. Rating is for the song in the abstract.

 Comment Written 28-Jan-2015

reply by the artist on 05-Feb-2015
    Thank you very much, i appreciate your opinions
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