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Reviews from
as she waits

woman waiting for instumental guitarist to finish

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The flanger/phase shifter effect on the intro chords is very nice and the subtlety of it is excellent. The lead sounds very good and the tone seems a bit cleaner than in other tracks. That makes the articulation of your playing style more apparent and gives the guitar riff's a bit more attack which punches through the mix very nicely.

Excellent progression, recording and mix. The only thing I can think of that might make the sound of the recording better is to maybe excite the high and low frequencies with a good mastering tool on the final 2 track.

As usual, this is excellent work. Very creative, and it creates a good uplifting feeling.

Your style reminds me a bit of Satriani.

 Comment Written 27-Apr-2016

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you composed,arranged and produced it perfectly and it sounds good no doubt; i couldn't find anything wrong with it and i believe that the general public might embrace it

 Comment Written 20-Jan-2015

reply by the artist on 20-Jan-2015
    but I certainly don't mind constructive criticism-
    the more I hear from those who hear me, the more I learn and apply to the writing,production and actual practice time. Though
    I appreciate what you say-listen to satriani's flying in a blue dream/eric Johnson's cliffs of dover. they are the ones who get up everyday and attempt to reinvent themselves. they have the resolve to evolve in all areas. Thank you for your input-it helps.
Comment by
Scott Harvey
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Very cool! I liked the guitar work very much. I saw Joe not too long ago (I was really there to see the opener, Steve Morse) and enjoyed it a lot. This is definitely in his style. The song changed often enough to keep interest. The only negative I found was I think the mix wasn't great, imo. The shakers seemed louder than the drums, for example. Really good, though.

 Comment Written 19-Jan-2015

reply by the artist on 20-Jan-2015
    thankyou for the kind words
    and your correct-its one thing to play/write well
    but a world-class engineer I'm not

    take care
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