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Reviews from
Lonely on the Beach

evocative drums and strings reveal the lonely mood

 6 total reviews 
Comment by
Jimi Seven

#3 Ranked Reviewer

I liked the way you brought the song in...the strings were very good. It sounded like there were some notes off a little bit for some reason.
THis one did not feel complete.
But certainly areas I liked.

 Comment Written 25-Aug-2017

reply by the artist on 25-Aug-2017
    This was an idea that did not quite work out, I'm afraid. It was meant to have a jazzy feel.
Comment by
Review Stars

The intro with is very good. This is an interesting piece. Structurally, very well done and the arrangement is somewhat unique.

Some of the chords sound a bit dissonant. The strings provide good support in the progression and the changes are enough to keep the piece interesting.

Nice job

 Comment Written 22-Apr-2016

Comment by
Jun Naotsuka

Good thing about this song is how symphonic it sounds. Some nice instrumentation here and there. You used some dissonant sounding extended notes that just don't work in the overall context of this music. It sounds mostly classical in style, but the percussion you used sounds like a drum set for popular music, and they just did not really work together. If you have written purely classical sounding music, I would love to listen.

 Comment Written 13-Nov-2014

reply by the artist on 13-Nov-2014
    Thanks for your response - try my 'In two Worlds' or 'Gardens of the Soul.
Comment by
Edward Schaffer

From the sound of things lonely is stressful, which I guess makes sense. But some of your stress makes your song hard to listen to. Harmony is pedestrian, melody is as well. I appreciate the effort, but it doesn't work for me

 Comment Written 10-Nov-2014

reply by the artist on 11-Nov-2014
    Yea, I agree about the harmony - thanks for the review.
Comment by
Music Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  1

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

well composed and played with good instrumentation and it sounds cool and pleasurable to the listening mind;i wish you good luck as well

 Comment Written 02-Oct-2014

reply by the artist on 02-Oct-2014
    Thank you, Frankie, much appreciated.
Comment by

To me this is a great first try and work in process...I suggest more tempo changes, a introduce few more instruments to bring more interest to the melody. Keep at it, good try.

 Comment Written 01-Oct-2014

reply by the artist on 02-Oct-2014
    Thanks, useful suggestions
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