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Reviews from
See You in Salzburg

A gentle reflection using string orchestra

 7 total reviews 
Comment by
Jimi Seven

#3 Ranked Reviewer

This has a waltz feel to it which was unusual. I liked the low counter melody in the background.
I really like it. It has a dreamy quality. It did seem to have an abrupt stop which didn't feel quite right.
But good song.

 Comment Written 25-Aug-2017

reply by the artist on 25-Aug-2017
    thanks. I think I did finish a bit abruptly.
Comment by
Review Stars

This is a very peaceful piece. The string patches are very good with an attack that makes them sound very authentic. THE arrangement of the composition is very good with enough changes in the progression to keep it interesting.

Well done.

 Comment Written 22-Apr-2016

Comment by

I really think you did a nice job on this. I love the tones of the strings and the gentle flow of the music. Good job, all the best.

 Comment Written 20-Nov-2014

reply by the artist on 21-Nov-2014
    Thank you very much. I tried to write this in a genuinely 'classical' way - it's not Mozart, but I think the era sound is there.
Comment by
Jun Naotsuka

Nicely arranged classical music. Nice orchestration here and there too. But often, the melody line was lost. I didn't know which instrument to follow. I think you made it sound very "classical" though.

 Comment Written 17-Nov-2014

reply by the artist on 17-Nov-2014
    Thank you for your review
Comment by
Edward Schaffer

Slow moving and gentle work probably a second movement to something. Not Mozart or Haydn, but good in it's way. I hear in some parts where there seems a lack of direction, and you should be careful of that

 Comment Written 16-Nov-2014

reply by the artist on 17-Nov-2014
    thank you for your thoughts.
Comment by
Music Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  1

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

well played with good instrumentation,it sounds good;i couldn't find anything wrong with it;keep it up and i wish you the best

 Comment Written 25-Sep-2014

reply by the artist on 25-Sep-2014
    Thanks so much, Frankie - your comment means a lot to me.
Comment by
Kerri Powles
Review Stars

I like the style of this piece very much indeed, and like you say, very much in the classical period! Lovely interweaving of strings throughout this piece. I feel that this piece should do very well in the 'Classical Contest' and I wish you the very best of luck.
Without giving the game away, and at the risk of getting egg on my face, I have a feeling I know who created this masterpiece, so well done W****** (I just hope I haven't made a prize chump of myself)

Best wishes...Kerri

 Comment Written 24-Sep-2014

reply by the artist on 25-Sep-2014
    I can't imagine you ever doing that!
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