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Reviews from
Lights on Water

Cool mood music

 7 total reviews 
Comment by
Jimi Seven
Music Rating

#4 Ranked Reviewer

Great compostion, upbeat and flowing...

The mix was well done. Liked the changes in the kept it interesting! Nicely done as usual!

 Comment Written 23-Aug-2017

reply by the artist on 23-Aug-2017
    Thanks, this was an early piece. I think it is partially successful.
Comment by
Review Stars

Very nice use is strings and percussion. The drum pattern is subtle enough to not interfere greatly with the strings. The progression is nicely done and the piano accents are well used and in places where they provide the most impact.

Nice job.

 Comment Written 22-Apr-2016

Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

This is cool.. That intro was powerful and the drummerboy kicks mixing with that flute string is creative. I like you look and take on this style. Your in a groove of your own mate. Love it.

 Comment Written 04-Aug-2015

reply by the artist on 05-Aug-2015
    Thanks so much for your encouragement.
Comment by
Premier Author
Music Rating

I really enjoyed listening to your instrumental. I thought it was very well done and very digitally well composed.
Thank you for sharing and posting this for everyone to read May the Lord be with you always Wallace.

 Comment Written 21-Sep-2014

reply by the artist on 21-Sep-2014
    Thank you so much for your generous rating and comment.

reply by akkrys123 on 22-Sep-2014
    You are so sincerely welcome my friend.
Comment by
Rick Reynolds

Beautiful piece. I think I heard one questionable note. It's hard to pinpoint as they don't provide a time readout. It's just past the halfway point after the three triplets. Sounds that way to me, but maybe it was intentional.

 Comment Written 19-Sep-2014

reply by the artist on 20-Sep-2014
    Thanks, yes it was a b flat to make a seventh chord, which I quite liked, but in view of your comment I'll listen again and think about changing. Useful feedback, thanks again.

reply by Rick Reynolds on 20-Sep-2014
    No, listen, but don't change it on my account. That's why I said it might be exactly what you were after. I'm just OCD. LOL! It's a beautiful piece.
Comment by
Kerri Powles
Review Stars

I liked this one very much. Nice combination of instruments, I can visualize the lights dancing on the waters surface, and again your music is very unusual in it's general form, not a criticism you understand, just an observation. To be stereotyped as an artist is not a good thing. We all have our own unique approach to musical composition and should feel to express it!
One of my biggest gripes is people saying to me, my music isn't technically perfect with regard to musical composition. It's true to say I don't understand the technicalities of what I'm doing, nor can I read or write music in notation form, in short I have no idea how I am able to do what I do, I only know that I can, and that I enjoy doing it, I imagine this is the same for you too? Music is to me a form of personal free expression, whatever form and structure that may manifest itself in, don't you agree? Textbook musicians are everywhere, but it sometimes makes me wonder just how much of their creative expression they stifle because their bound by 'the rules of music'

Best wishes...Kerri

 Comment Written 18-Sep-2014

reply by the artist on 18-Sep-2014
    Thanks so much Kerri, it's late now, but will write more tomorrow. Regards, Wallace.
Comment by
Music Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  1

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

it really sounds good;the melody is cool and the rhythm equally sounds good;i believe that the general public might like it

 Comment Written 18-Sep-2014

reply by the artist on 18-Sep-2014
    thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it. I am aiming to some more in this sort of vein. I really appreciate you taking time to review it.
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