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Reviews from
Don't Come Knocking

Sixties Rock With Elements Of Contemporary Rock

 4 total reviews 
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Love the slightly distorted guitar at the beginning. The progression reminds me a little bit of some very early Zappa music. The vocals are very good, and your voice is very identifiable. The guitar solo is very clean and sounds excellent.

Great sound.

 Comment Written 20-Dec-2015

reply by the artist on 20-Dec-2015
    Hi Again,

    And thanks for listening to so many of my songs. I really appreciate that. I've been told many times I have a distinctive voice ... easy to identify. That can be good or bad! If nothing else, it establishes an identity people can associate with my music.

    I like to use a little bit of distortion, but not too much.

    Thanks again!
Comment by

Alan, JUst going back into your catalog. This is nice. I find myself wanting more dynamics from the verse. Chorus is fun, and the breaks are the best part for me. I hate to review and say this or that as you may think that I think I'm someone that doesn't know any better to say this and that about a song. Good song!

 Comment Written 18-Mar-2015

reply by the artist on 19-Mar-2015
    Hi Bones ...

    I've not been feeling well lately, so slow to getting to things. Also,,our son passed away last week and we're still reeling from that.

    Glad you enjoyed the song ... and thanks for the 6-pack of stars!!!!! Intentionally left the verse pretty simple in order for the chorus to have more drive and interest as that is the crux of the song. But, I can revisit those verses to see if there's anything I can add that won't override the power of the chorus. Thanks for the observation.

    Also, never hesitate to let me know if you see/hear something that could improve my music. I'm very open to constructive criticism when ppresented respectfuy, as you always have,

    Best to you ...


reply by Dustybones on 20-Mar-2015
    I relistened and found the song gets it's legs after the break. Your singing has more feel, which is of course better. Oh I know how sensitive I can be with that. Although a natural tendency, I find i'm less so now after writing on both FM and FS. It's fine that others might be mean,but that's not the case, it's only my thinking that way. Not to many people on the sites are nasty. WHich get's me to a story of a famous guy, Tim Pierce whose great for teaching me. He's a session dude. Cya.

reply by Dustybones on 20-Mar-2015
    Look for him on YouTube. FABULOUS.

reply by Dustybones on 20-Mar-2015
    Sorry to hear of the loss of your son. Boyd.
Comment by

Hey Moe,

Even though I've heard this, thx to your sending me the link, I always enjoy listening to it.

Below is an example of one of the glitches with this site.
~ System added typos - delete the '?' in tag line. ~
Don?t you even come knockin?

Great song, and vocals!

Cheers & Blessings
Keep Smilin'.... Jax (?^?)

 Comment Written 12-Aug-2014

reply by the artist on 12-Aug-2014
    Hey Girl!

    Thanks a bunch for the review. I appreciate you listening although it's crossed your ears before. And yeah, so , many on-line editors do that. I might go back and manually edit them out.

    You too nice! Hugs,

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#1 Ranked Reviewer!

this one also sounds good;i wish you good luck and hope that the contest goes well for you;go ahead and make more of your composition

 Comment Written 12-Aug-2014

reply by the artist on 12-Aug-2014
    Hi Frankie,

    How nice of you to come back over for another tune ... thanks! Glad you liked it. I appreciate you telling me so. And thanks for the well wishes with the contest. I'll be over to your studio late tonight or tomorrow. See ya then.

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