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Reviews from
Lose This Fight

Finger picking folk

 17 total reviews 
Comment by
Jimi Seven

#1 Ranked Reviewer!

Cooll song...liked the words, catchy and folksy...
Pretty and can hear this played and sang around a camp fire!

 Comment Written 29-Sep-2017

Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

I love this as much as I live that quote about your music.. You remind me of me sooooooo mush and not in an alike manner. just saying our approaches seem to be differentiating us from all others in this genre. It's crazy how open it is, and yet people seem to stay so traditional. This song has the lyrics, the musical compostion and very sung vocals. this is a great song. if you every want to work with some one on the same level, please feel free to hit me up. i would be honored and we would be amazing, I have this song you would be killer for. I swear to that on my cancer ridden soul. It's called "Sooo DAMN Kuntree" it's bout them telling me I would never be excepted back home into country. I squashed that, now I'm this anomoly that they can't seem to get rid of or do without. To bad they wait til i was dying, but better late than never. i truly dig you flavor and pray you bless my foundation "The SMS Project" Sick Musical Souls. We ain't dead yet. Cheers mate catch you next track

 Comment Written 09-Aug-2015

Comment by

The music can be good. Vocals also could be good. But text is horrifying me. You could put more friendly lyrics did not you?

 Comment Written 23-Oct-2013

reply by the artist on 23-Oct-2013
    Lol okay, thanks
Comment by

Nice try, but nah.. Very amateur attempt to make a folk song. The whole song is very raw.. The vocals are very raw. Poor melody, no musicality..It's nothing. Sorry to say, but its my opinion. No offense.

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 Comment Written 20-Oct-2013

reply by the artist on 20-Oct-2013
Comment by

Its ok I just think you need a lot of work. You words don't really capture me. It sound like you are writing for yourself and not for others. It ok though.

 Comment Written 17-Oct-2013

reply by the artist on 18-Oct-2013
Comment by

Wow I loved it. I couldn't stop laughing. It sounds like the song from old "Tom & Jerry" cartoon: Uncle Pecos song

Frog went a-kkkkk-courtin, and he did ride, kkkkkk-crambone
Frog went a-kkkkk-courtin, and he did ride, kkkkkk-crambone
With a sword and a pppf-ppf-pf-pp(pistol) revolver by his side. kkkkkk-crambone

Did you see it? A Very lovely song isn't it? Sure you sing much better and play guitar serious way. But association still too strong for me.

 Comment Written 17-Oct-2013

reply by the artist on 18-Oct-2013
Comment by
Music Rating

Man really a great song. The lyrics are amazing and so well though out and I love the guitar tone. Really impressed with your style.

 Comment Written 10-Oct-2013

reply by the artist on 10-Oct-2013
    Thank you man!! I work really hard on lyrics, so that means a lot. Thanks again!
Comment by

Pretty good do you play the guitar on this I play guitar and sing to can't get the sound you get on this track I write country songs really enjoys you're song and the guitar work on it

 Comment Written 08-Oct-2013

reply by the artist on 08-Oct-2013
    Hey thanks! I'm just using a simple finger picking technique, actually since I recorded this the pattern has become much more complicated, but this is pretty easy. It's pretty much just bass notes played with the thumb and the G and B strings played withthe first and second finger. A couple other additions fill it out. Keep it up you'll get it. Thanks again!
Comment by
Music Rating

Love this song mellow and very suitable..hope you have more songs like these to hear them ..awesome bro keep it up ..never give up ..make sure to check up my song atmosphere tell me what u think

 Comment Written 07-Oct-2013

reply by the artist on 07-Oct-2013
    Thanks a lot!! Yeah just gotta keep on keeping on! I think I listened to your song and reviewed it, but that may have been a different one. I'll check it out if I haven't. Thanks again!
Comment by
Music Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  2

#2 Ranked Reviewer

nice track beautifully composed,and i believe that the general public might appreciate it,i wish you the best

 Comment Written 07-Oct-2013

reply by the artist on 07-Oct-2013
    Thank you so much!! I really hope people like it. Actually just formed a band and I think this sounds amazing with keys and drums etc. Thanks again!
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