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Reviews from
its not right

written by the amazing gene lee sang by me

 3 total reviews 
Comment by

Beautiful. I just love the song. The lyrics are spot on too. Your sound on this one is very sweet.If I were that guy, you wouldn't be alone or be cold. Hugs.

 Comment Written 11-Feb-2014

reply by the artist on 11-Feb-2014
    Thankyou very much
Comment by
Scott Harvey
Review Stars

I think the song is nice and could be better with a couple of changes. I felt that the singing was somehow a little bit off throughout the song. I believe it was slightly flat. You might want to check that, it's easy to do. The other thing to consider is that the chorus and verses both have nice melodies, but they are extremely similar, so it doesn't feel much like a change in the music. Maybe add an instrument to the chorus or change the rhythm so it feels more different. The guitar work is excellent. With a couple of changes this could be brilliant. By the way, it should be "It's Not Right" - "it's" being a contraction of it and is, if that matters to you. Anyway, didn't want to sound so negative, the overall sound and melody is very pretty.

 Comment Written 28-Aug-2013

reply by the artist on 29-Aug-2013
Comment by
whoman beenz

we know we're good lol.. it was fun doin this and your voice is so much better then mine, awesome job ali.. and thank you.. i really needed another jam the way you are now an official member of whoman beenz..welcom to our tiny family.. and billy says hi :)

 Comment Written 28-Aug-2013

reply by the artist on 28-Aug-2013
    It was heaps of fun. Lol. Yep we are awsome! Haha
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