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Reviews from
The Russian Front

A song about WWII.

 3 total reviews 
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Great heavy feel in this track. The tone of the guitars is very good and has lots of ballz. The progression is good and the changed flow nicely. The vocals are good but I think the lyrics could have been developed a bit more.

The sound is very good but the vocal is a bit too loud in the mix.

Good song.

 Comment Written 13-Apr-2016

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Ok. I know that Joseph Stalin was no friend of the Russians when he had no problem shooting his loyal troops in the back over a whim !!! And if you really want to know I think Sigmund Freud would have a field day :-). The instrumentals I feel were a little bit disconnected from the vocals. Maybe you meant it as for example someone in another world looking back. Anyway. Good song.

 Comment Written 06-Jul-2013

reply by the artist on 06-Jul-2013
    Thank you for the nice reply.
Comment by

The music wasnt that clear. The production was not of very good quality. Sounded very hard rock. The vocals were also not very professional. I didnt care much for the lyrics, not professional also.

 Comment Written 29-Jun-2013

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