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Reviews from
Fuk Luv

Relationships gone bad

 3 total reviews 
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Excellent style and with a nice groove too. This is some very soulful rap. The blend of R&B and hip-hop styling is an excellent fusion. You have a unique style that should go a long way in terms of audience appeal.

 Comment Written 15-Feb-2016

Comment by
Music Rating

nice raising voice like sunrise and ended like a good sunset.
i liked ur voice,who played the chorus also very well done.
i hope u all enjoyed well while singing,very good.
keep it up.
compose some more new songs in other languages also i would like to hear from u at least twwo lines,in future.
try like this only.
all the best.

 Comment Written 23-May-2013

reply by the artist on 23-May-2013
    Thank You for listening, I really appreciate the feed back, I am in the process of changing up some music,but its taking a lil more time than expected, but it well be posted soon, Thank Y
    ou again and have a blessed day,

Comment by
Ali star
Premier Artist
Music Rating

Cool effects
I like the lyrics
It has a good storyline
Really good sounds great
I think this deserves 5 stars, im not a fan of rap/hiphop but for what it is I think you have done well :)

 Comment Written 22-May-2013

reply by the artist on 23-May-2013
    I really appreciate the feed back, thank you for listening and commenting about it, have a blessed day,
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