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Reviews from
On The Road

About my life and how I found the road to healing

 2 total reviews 
Comment by

Very pretty and delicate song, love your sweet voice, lyrics are real good too, piano is played really really well, I like when the strings come in they add a nice mood, this is such a beautiful song all the way around and I pray that God will use this to touch many many souls, I had to listen twice I enjoyed it that much, May God bless you and your ministry

 Comment Written 22-Apr-2013

reply by the artist on 29-Apr-2013
    Thank you. My goal in writing these is to minister to God and others. Thanks for listening and for your encouraging words. God bless you as well!
Comment by

The song is good listening, you have really have a great voice and I hear the emotion that you have as well. Well done!

 Comment Written 22-Apr-2013

reply by the artist on 29-Apr-2013
    I wrote this song at a time in my life when I did not know if I could make it through another day. This song came from a vision that spoke to me of hope. Thank you for listening.
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