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Reviews from
SoundWorkz - Burnin' for you

My house track, check it out

 5 total reviews 
Comment by
Review Stars
  Rank:  16

Interesting rhythm. The feel is good; the up tempo really keeps the drive going in this one. The synth patches are cool, fairly standard stuff.

The arrangement is pleasing and the changes are sufficient to maintain the interest of the listener assuming the purpose of this is dance anyway.

Nice sound.

 Comment Written 01-Sep-2016

Comment by
Kerri Powles
Review Stars
  Rank:  8

Wow, this is very different for you! Not my most favorite genre if I'm honest, but I can appreciate that this is very good indeed. I particularly like your 'Red Fluid' pieces the most I have to say. This is great though, I bet you had fun with it.

 Comment Written 20-Apr-2013

reply by the artist on 20-Apr-2013
    Thanx Kerri :D
Comment by
Jordan Mais
Music Rating
  Rank:  89 (+2)

this track has a great vibe, i would love to work with these guys they sound professional at what they do, i will especially like to hear voices upon their instrumentals,good work man

 Comment Written 20-Apr-2013

Comment by

Music score is great, i can see myself dancing like never before.
Music has the requirement that has the capacity to make you wait for what is coming.
Love to hear more bass into the piece.

 Comment Written 19-Apr-2013

Comment by

Composition is neat and tidy, it looks like this song will be very interesting if you shed some female vocals, and of course will reduce the impression of repeated tones, but as it was quite nice disco music.

 Comment Written 19-Apr-2013

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