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Reviews from
Celtic Logic

A celtic piece. Sort of.

 5 total reviews 
Comment by
Jimi Seven
Music Rating

#4 Ranked Reviewer

This has a beautiful quality to the guitar melody. You pkayed it quite well. I would love to hear something that you sing as well. I really like your style.

 Comment Written 05-Oct-2017

Comment by
Review Stars

I like your style. The Celtic style of this composition is very nice. This would have probably been great as an acoustic guitar track, but the move to electric was a step in a different direction, and a good one. This piece has a nice feel and character. The composition is very nicely done. Great job.

 Comment Written 20-Feb-2016

Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

Yes sir, man that was an awesome composition..I love stuff like that (country) says here's a pieces of me & welcome to my soul on it's journey.. that's why i do them anyways & what i hear when i hear this. but to ride that dramatic chord throughout the entire song was dramatic and suspenseful as well as brilliant. I really enjoys the whole composition..But I'm justa good country that ride out..yeeehaw Mate

 Comment Written 09-Aug-2015

Comment by
Music Rating

The guitar play is nice. I rated it a 4 star because I feel it still need more fluidity and live in it to make it more unique.


 Comment Written 03-Apr-2013

Comment by
Joshua Empyre

I can tell you are having lots of fun and connection playing the guitar. You realy bond with your instrument and what you play. Keep up the good work! Find some programs where you can record your music without the buzz and you'll be good to go!

 Comment Written 01-Apr-2013

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