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my days


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Very nice piece of music, it's got a nice groove. The music is a great background for the rap. The "hello" in the chorus is a very nice touch. The lyrics sound nice, but you should have posted the lyrics.

 Comment Written 17-Feb-2016

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Music Rating

This is nice to listen because it sounds completely musical.

My only reason for rating it a 4 star is because of the language... I expected the drumbeat to be a bit more hard and firm, and the male voice to be more stronger and passionate... but these two component is lacking, making the music sound so light (as though it was a normal studio session voicing by paid backup singers).

I mean no offense by these words, I only wanted you to put more effort to make it an instant hit. It is already a good music. Whatever you are rated here doesn't really matter as what you stand to gain in the wider world; but our useful critiques here may matter more, because we are the listeners .

 Comment Written 21-Mar-2013

reply by the artist on 21-Mar-2013
    i did this song in 20 minutes!! im not offended at all.....i have a great sufficiant team.....thank you for your feed back...
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Music Rating

starting take off to your song is very beautiful,
next continuity is non-stoply going very flexibly,the word HELLO U USED IN THE SONG THAT SOUNDS TOO BEAUTIFUL.

 Comment Written 20-Mar-2013

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