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Reviews from
Lonesome Train

I like trains.

 5 total reviews 
Comment by
Jimi Seven

#3 Ranked Reviewer

This is a beautiful flowing piece reminds me of the early Eagles but unplugged. I think a band behind you would make this a big hit. Very nice messag.

 Comment Written 05-Oct-2017

Comment by
Review Stars

The guitar has a very nice tone. The intro with the harmonica sounds really fine. The feel/groove of this composition is very nice and fits the lyrics well. The bluesy feel is great and your voice fits the style very well.

 Comment Written 20-Feb-2016

Comment by
Kakalaki Kid

I just want to say this and then move on to your next song..k?..
Okay.. this is a HIT HIT and I LOVE THIS TRACK> great lyrics, vocals style, presentation and Killer quality on that harmonica.. I'm a sucka for my 1st instrument ever mastered. This is cool mate..My type of groove all day

 Comment Written 09-Aug-2015

Comment by

I really liked this song. You have an excellent voice. The Harmonica was good for the song. The recording mix itself needed a little work. This song has potential. Good work.

 Comment Written 14-Mar-2013

reply by the artist on 15-Mar-2013
    Thank you. It's still a work in progress. I'll figure out how to use my software and get a good mix soon.
Comment by
Music Rating

Your music is very nice. Your guitar sounds muffled a bit, but your voice surprisingly very clear and mellow and calming.

Like your calm composure, making me to be lost in time warp.

Keep it up.

 Comment Written 14-Mar-2013

reply by the artist on 15-Mar-2013
    Thank you very much. I very much enjoy what I do and enjoy it even more when others get into it. I'm still working on the mix though. Keep checking back for more. I have plenty more where that came from. Peace
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