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Reviews from
The Red Fluid - Dead Can Dance


 6 total reviews 
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  Rank:  16

Very nice theme. The background sounds are tribal. The percussion accents the mystery of the theme. The synth patches are very good as well as the percussion tracks.

Great sound.

 Comment Written 01-Sep-2016

Comment by

This is another compelling piece... almost a mechanical, orchestrally industrial sound, if you can grasp it. Legions, rising. This has such a fantastic mix of elements, it pulls you in like a vacuum. And, the climax is ominous: what's happening right then? What happens NEXT?

 Comment Written 02-Mar-2013

Comment by

it feels as a dance piece to me with the syncopated, hesitating rhythms having a mesmerizing effect. (isThe Red Fluid a song cycle? an alter ego? just wondering)
. . . as a stand alone 'pop' piece (not your intention I'm sure) some
building harmonically upon the signature theme perhaps so that it goes beyond the mere repetition . . . it is a VERY strong theme and breaking (longer than you chose to here) from it so that you can remind listeners how important it is (and beautiful. I might add) when it returns. an idea. critique- schmitique! 5 stars!

 Comment Written 02-Mar-2013

Comment by
Kerri Powles
Review Stars
  Rank:  6

Very interesting, and yet again very powerful and evocative piece. I would not have thought that using just 3 chords could create such a wonderful effect, but you have managed it. I picture a red Indian dance for the dead, I'm probably wrong here as, am I right in thinking, most of your pieces in the 'Red Fluid' range are all linked in to a specific theme. I get a Russian feel to most of them, but somehow this is more 'red Indian' in my perception. Great work yet again!

 Comment Written 02-Mar-2013

Comment by

Oooh! What beautiful ambiance to this song! Then the drums reporting for duty in a mellow, rhythmic, almost D&B way. I enjoy this song immensely! Lovely ambient vibes for a beautiful crisp Montana morning. Only one technical note - and this isn't even a bad thing, because I'll bet the sound is more full with headphones. But when I listen on my laptop at less than full room volume, the background chime noise with the drums sounds like a phone ringing constantly. I listen forward to the next musical occasion where I get to hear your music... I just followed you on soundcloud too ;-)

 Comment Written 02-Mar-2013

Comment by
Music Rating

The title of your song...THE DEAD CAN DANCE... is expressed in your instrumentals, and with that I a satisfied. Your song will be of good use in a horror movie!

 Comment Written 02-Mar-2013

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