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Reviews from
The Red Fluid - Hold Me Daddy

Sad cinematic track

 4 total reviews 
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  Rank:  16

Very amusing piece. The kid really adds to the theme in this piece. The music is very spooky though, real horror show style. The cello/violin melody adds further to the mystery of the piece.

This would be great as part of the soundtrack for a horror film.

 Comment Written 01-Sep-2016

Comment by
Kerri Powles
Review Stars
  Rank:  8

This was a very touching piece. The father has obviously lost his child and deep in his grief is playing film footage over and over again of his child saying 'Hold Me Daddy'. It was quite hard for me to listen to without getting upset myself as I lost my step son in a tragic accident a few years ago, and this conjured up vivid memories of him as a baby. Very beautiful, meaningful and very sad piece. You are very talented at painting pictures with music which makes you a true artist indeed.

 Comment Written 23-Feb-2013

Comment by
ThePhantom You had me at the beginning, and when the instrumentals kicked in, I was already... creeped out, I suppose you could say, but not in any negative connotation. My God, WHERE is the REST of this story? IS it a story? Is there a particular order? I am DYING to know. Your strings are heartbreaking. As always, you tend to make me jealous: "Why can't I write like THAT?" I don't think you've reviewed any of my work, but I would be interested to hear your opinion, considering how deeply EVERYTHING you write affects ME. This is... some GORGEOUS work. As usual.

 Comment Written 21-Feb-2013

Comment by

I love the moody orchestral atmospheric stuff. Very nice (and creepy with those music box touches) But, that kid's voice is darn annoying. Sorry to be so blunt, but I just didn't understand why the sound clip kept popping up randomly throughout the piece.

At the beginning, with the rest of the ambient stuff, it works. But, after about three uses or so, the clip becomes really distracting. (Also, is she/he saying 'I love you Daddy' or 'Hold me Daddy'?)


 Comment Written 21-Feb-2013

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